Basilisk hiding near gate


an alliance member told me the basilisk towers near the gate do not hide anymore since the new update. At first, I didn’t want to believe him. Hence, I checked it on my base and other bases. I screamed back my troops and the tower still didn’t hide. They came out a little faster as well.

Can anyone cofirm this?

Yeah same here…much needed feature silently made into game :slight_smile:

Yep, saw that too. Not only at gate btw, but everywhere along the path. The tail wont show anymore

Tested it on my own base. I have a basilisk right at the beginning of the path, it still hides. So it’s not everywhere

Yeah, it only doesn’t hide when it is placed at the gate

Same problem here

It’s not a problem, flare made Basiliks by the gate easier to defeat, because they were a problem that had been complained about for a while. Now, after the update, their tails don’t come up any more (only when they’re placed by the gate)! I personally think it’s a great new feature

I really like it, since having temporary invincible towers near the gate is…

Way too dumb!

I’m afraid it’s still a work in progress though, since Madlen didn’t announce this on the release notes  :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, remember, flare wants to keep some things to be “surprises”. I don’t think Madlen agrees with that philosophy, it was fairly obvious in one of her previous posts about the Ceres silent Buff. I’m just happy to see the Gate Tower problem have a little improvement to it

Well done, we needed more inconsistencies in the game…

A fair fix to this problem would be bringing Hammerstrike back to its glory, instead of making Baslisk near gate completely useless too

Then the gate tower strategists would brag all over again:

“OMG Flare, WHY? My Basilisk is getting one shot again with HS!”

There’s always someone who’s gonna complain  :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if I totally agree with this change, it would be nice to get some information about it.

Looks like version 4.1 included a new mini-game: find the 27 differences


yea its kinda like life , the rules change as ya go , 

Hello guys,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have just released a public announcement about this. 


I’m not sure I like this change at all - Basilisk towers were ALWAYS killable, even at lvl 4. With this change now, they just stand there, trying to Petrify troops WITHOUT ACTUALLY dealing any damage anymore, because the only time Basilisk Towers did do damage is when they were underground.

And so you now need to further balance this for Basilisk Towers at the gate to make ANY sense anymore. They need to have higher Petrify % chance, at the very least, because they NO LONGER ATTACK.

Who the hell complained about this, of all the things? Thanks for ruining a fun mechanic that required you to be wary of:

  • Which units you approached the enemy gate with.
  • Not to approach the gate with too many units.
  • Making sure you went ahead and damaged Basilisk Towers with spells, then Shouted (Q’d) all your troops back, so that you could kill the 2nd Basilisk Tower.

Now all this interesting decision making is D-E-A-D.

God damn you guys, you like ruining things, don’t you?

This strategy is only applicable to a base that is vastly inferior to your offense. Unless that is the case you won’t ever have the chance to use a spell twice on each side e.g. 4 times hammer strike. That’s just not gonna happen. For instance taking a blunt spell just for gate towers is not how this game is meant to be played. You take the combo appropriate to counter the enemy layout not to counter enemy Gate towers.

4 times hammerstrike is already about 16-17 seconds + time it needed for the heads to appear. That’s probably 20 seconds or more. And that susually only is the gonna happen when your opponents base is bad.


Well, at least they could hide and deal some damage before, and also made the oponent lose 2~3 seconds before appearing, now you don’t even need spells to deal with them

I also double checked, they didn’t even bother making the Basilisk Tower hide underground when placed 1 square AWAY from the gate, so they’re ***** in the entire bigger square in front of the gate, on all 4 squares (2 on the left and 2 on the right), perhaps even more, but I won’t bother checking that further.