Basilisk tower: Damage resistance perk?

So what damage type can we perk resistance against on basilisk?

Info button doesn’t state which type but icon looks like normal damage but basilisk has no weakness to normal and after you perk it and inspect the tower there’s no difference 

We can forge fire and normal resistance damage on basilisk tower.

You’re right, basilisk has no weakness to normal damage, dunno why they don’t put blunt resistance damage on that tower.

But shouldn’t it say so in the info button then? It only says increase resistance to damage not normal damage and after I tried perking it I cant see any resistance to normal damage when I inspect my tower

There’s no stats for basilisk tower for it’s weakness to normal damage, that’s why we can’t see it on basilisk tower stats when we forge normal resistance damage perk. Only blunt and fire weakness displayed on basilisk tower stats (perhaps because the list already full and flare can’t add more stats). If basilisk tower indeed have normal damage weakness then it just don’t displayed on stats but your forged won’t become useless. It still applied on that tower, just you can’t see due to long list stat basilisk tower has.



Anything to comment on this topic sir? 

Display bug again?