Basilisk Towers = Perfect Gate Tower

They’re OK in the field, but really their main use is to prevent 100% attacks on a base, I don’t think I’ve been killed by a single one yet, even on the highly perked bases.

Is there any play testing of these things?  I mean, they must have been designed from the start as gate towers, you didn’t plan them as useful on the path?

The joke is that gems don’t really help here, so Flare shotgunned themselves to the face with this move.

And what’s with the 1 second damage delay after the face shows?  Are we to believe it’s some sort of magical face that decides to take damage after 1 second, why even have the animation, just show the HP bar once it’s ready to commit hara-kiri.

1 second delay is problem


But this towers are not so big deal near gates. Just need trai

Yes when the head comes out there are 1-2seconds of delay before causing damage to the basilisk tower, this is ridiculous. I should be able to deal damage as soon as the head comes out and not wait more time! @FTB

I believe when the basilisk towers are boosted and well perked they will be fearsome. Just give it time, people thought the same about heal towers.


All top alliance have a lot of bases with 5-7 100-150 times forged basilisk towers)

Also max boosted( max alliance)


This towers are good!

I like this 1-2 sec

Its not hard to beat and i think- its part of Basilisk tower/


And i see now player can beat in sculls top bases scroll free(((