Basilisks shouldn't be allowed by the gate

Everybody hates forged snake towers by the gate, but they are at least technically passable. Basilisk towers are not, for the simple fact that they’re indestructible for half the time, making them even harder to destroy before gate falls (which is like instantenous when you bring cannons or Kaiser). Therefore them being by the gate is bull** (more bull** than your usual gate towers that is).

I’m sure there are ways to destroy multiple basilisks before your troops blast away the gate but it’s like putting 20 golf balls in your mouth - doable but pointless (definetly not worth that missing 1%). I’m gonna ignore them.

Geez man, how big a mouth you got? 

… Actually, never mind. I don’t want to know

Screw basilisk towers, honestly. They made the game worse imo

Why would you take out the best gate tower in the game? Instead of making them unable to be placed by the gate there is a simple solution: Make the king be able to kill Basilik’s while the tail is up, not just when the head is up. Perhaps you can deal only half the damage when the head is down, that way the tail could be some sort of protection for the Tower

That works too

That was an out-the-ass example to make a point.

Although I’m sure some wackjob out the has done it. People are weird…

@AwesomestKnightest The idea of gate towers (towers put there to outlast the gate) is bull** in itself. Either have the gate take damage only after all towers are destroyed or don’t allow indestructible towers by the gate (alternatively have towers fall when gate falls, at least if they have little health left). Otherwise you might as well have Granny ressurect towers way behind you for that “nyeh-nyeh-nyeh-suckaaa!” moment.

Basilisk tails taking damage is another thing (and it would make them slightly less annoying as gate towers).

Undertale reference?

No but if it fits, I’ma wear it. Nyeh heh… :wink:

Currently most of basilisk towers you see around here can be one-shot with 20k hammerstrike, also less needed.

Hammerstrike goes up to 20k now? …Woah

yes with 2 hammerstrike perks.

I can’t get involved in this discussion because I reject the basic premise. 

If the Gate goes down, but Towers are left, you ought to have the remaining time to take out the Towers.

There’s not reason to penalize you for having awesome firepower in your troops! 

Currently strategies to get the Gate Towers down include completely unroyal behavior like letting your troops get killed to give you more time! 

Again I disagree with the underlying premise of the problem!

I’m sure their are games that differ, but all the games I play the moment you take down the main tower/gate, everything falls: 100% victory! 

I don’t even want it to go that far.  I just want the extra time to take out anything left!

As do I, as it denies all logic, common sense, is annoying and is basically a cheap move. And the excuse of “I can do it because it isn’t illegal” reminds me of this law in Britain or somewhere (it’s probably changed by now) that if the stick you beat your wife with isn’t too thick then it doesn’t count as domestic violence. Just because something isn’t illegal doesn’t immediately mean it’s okay to do.

I’m not even gonna start on layouts with just the towergates because that’s the epitome of chickens**t.

Oh, man!  I didn’t know anyone else agreed with me on this!  I am so happy!

Right now, Gate towers are the only thing stopping people from getting either a lost attack or 100%, there’s nothing inbetween. You might as well just have 2 stars. 1 for halfway, 2 for winning

I agree completely.  Were this a real-world war raid, you would be rewarded for not destroying the towers so that you were protected when you took over the castle you just defeated.

RR2 rewards you for making your new territory as weak as possible. 

It just makes no sense unless you are raiding just to steal gold or count coup, and want to leave the opponent defenseless for the future. However, even that makes no sense because wen you next raid the same opponent all the towers are miraculously restored!

It’s a video game dude, not real life. Not everything is gonna be the same lol

Concurred! So the best solution is… Towers should stay dead if they are destroyed lol

Actually that would be very interesting…

Yes, there are no such thing as heal towers and you can’t cast spells in the real world.

But rewards should have some bearing on value, and here the value of taking out every tower does not match either the game’s purposes or reality’s.

Not only that, but in a real world scenario you’d ignore particularly strong fortifications and search for ways to get into the castle with the least expense (every castle in RR is completely defenseless from the back, why isn’t anybody attacking from there lol ) and thus the whole path layout concept would be utterly pointless.

Also, what’s the point of destroying towers when they ran out of ammo (LT) and are just sitting there to be seized.

The more you think about it the less you can think of RR2 in terms of strategy and more in terms of puzzles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they should need to be repaired after raids, like in war games.

Fine!  Winning is a binary function!  If you’re not first you’re last!