Battery draining

I don’t know if this is related or not, but on apple devices holy moly does this game suck the battery dry. And I think it’s gotten worse. I can have my ipad plugged in and the charge still goes down. Is this the case on android platforms also?

I do not get a crash on both my ipads and my iphone using this invocation. I do how ever experience the bug several times, and yes, perhaps this is done when too many troops. As I use lately for Odysseys spinde-tartarus, it usually works better (if troops aren’t killed by GK lol). 

Having said that, I hope I dont jinx it (bight tonge). Because I am getting less and less crashes on raids. I don’t know if FG changed somethings… but my game may crash, right before the raid. This does not cost me abrosia or trophies, so I really don’t mind in comparison to what was the case before. I’ve said this again on the forum, so I want to applaud again, when good work is done. @Madlen, @CaptainMorgan

The old Iphone 6 (mini-account only), drains the battery in 1-2 hours of gaming, that’s true. But both a very old ipad and the my one, are not so bad… That’s why I am not using anymore the iphone for my primary account, plus I had recked one old iphone so far just for this game, by playing with the charger in. Its gaming, the device heats and I think it’s normal… Maybe I get 6-7 hours of it? But battery charging cycles do hurt you in the long run… it’s a negative for sure. I tried lowering the display, but perhaps FG can have in game settings for lower quality of the game @Madlen, @CaptainMorgan - especially for non-battles usage.

When I watch movies or youtube on my ipad, it’s so much less battery consuming.

Hi there, I have moved this into a new topic.

Ive never used an app that drains battery like OR, except for one that had a memory leak, and after it was patched it was better. OR drains more than, like you said, streaming HD video, running navigation, everything. 

Half of my post was for Tartarus :stuck_out_tongue:   I was just looking for it. If you can’t reproduce it, you might try a lot of troops at the gate, that’s where most people use it I think to beat GK or break the gate. Especially at wars… its a good part of the game. I will try to get you a small video if possible.

Sorry, that was my fault. I thought they might be two sides of the same issue if the battery drain was also only an Apple problem  

Well I dont play any other games on ios devices, and the closest to it is videos, either on facebook or youtube, or streaming… but I think it lasts twice as much.