Battle Arena

A long term wish of some players is a scroll free war. I know Flare won’t make this happen, so I have the following idea. Make a battle arena where alliance can challenge other alliance (during the off season) for a battle. The challenger can set the conditions of the war, for example no scrolls, how many competitors of the alliance can compete and can set a reward (given by Flare or by the losing alliance, for example 2M gold per competitor, or 500 gems) and the challenged alliance can agree or disagree with these conditions and make changes till both alliances have reached an agreement.


I hope Flare can make this happen, I know I and probably others would like such a feature to keep us playing during off season, since most bases reach maxed out there is really no point in playing much during the rest period.

I’d like a Coop Arena ^^

+5(asked a few friends about this idea 3 months ago and they agreed…)

Nice idea

I like this.

Nice idea ^^


this game need something new coz the game getting boring (also getting hard ==)