Battle cry or Leadership ?

What is the difference comes to leadership and the war cry help me

I guess you are refering the symbol “!” that is Scream and not War Cry or better called Battlecry that is mainly a characteristic of the spell “Battlecry” in fact, but also by the howl of Werewolf that increase attack speed, resilience, more defence and velocity itself of troops.


However more Leadership your king has, faster will be the recharge of the blue bar to spawn more troops.


Scream instead works similar as a Battlecry only that it increase velocity and attack speed of troops and nobody is affected by slowdown effect during its duration.


Few time ago Scream was essential to have a continuous scream effect that will allow for your troops a “fast run” always, if we wanna call it like this.

Then Flaregames recently (with update 1.9.1) set a limit to max 100% of scream boost in your hero equiment with a gap of 4 seconds in which you can’t use Hero-Scream (the recall thingy i call it at the top-left of the screen).

So scream has been always useful to speed-up the raid in a certain way, but also during this period because currently many players use the combo stunning Ogre + Raging Wolf and because of the stun effect by Ogre, scream help you so much to not run out of time or lose time because Ogre make you lose lot of time if it stuns your troops (especially if it is at max boost 5/5 that increase the stun time).

btw, which one you guys like to wear, scream or leadreship gear?


I wear it all Gold making. Together with the alliance +%gold, i get more than +100% loot from each raid.

maybe before 2.1.0. Now on 2.1.0 with Vungle ads and free chest. Gold set are now useless in game for Windows user

If you stack like 33 chest after each War you can easily get 20 or 25 Millions in Gold. Plus just with 30 or 40% Gold Boost from your alliance allow you to get 500k,800k or 1M per raid easy

I have used Gold set in the past before 1.9.0. but now with 1.9.6 and 2.1.0 with Daily Chest and Free Chest. Hope so people don’t use gold set anymore

for me without doubt Leadership Boost is the best. More your blue bar up fast and more you can spawn troops really quickly in 30 seconds or less and do a huge army of 60 Knight,20 Froster and 10 Pyromancer. When you reach Castle Gate you need 10 seconds or less to destory it

between Scream,Gold and Leadership. The winner is leadership without doubt


Vungle does not work in my country…

Try using another application like Bluestacks.

Adds work for me, Dutch aswell.

Edward comes from Israel, I come from the Netherlands. Even while I am not taking use of it, gold gear can be helping a lot.


Was confused by same profile icon then. :slight_smile:

I go with Edward here :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly Gold gear, in war fight’s leadership, if needed.

I need so much gold, the free chests are not enough to feed 8 workers …

But in the meantime the question is more: what perks do you use on your gear :grinning:

I use mostly +XP, together with 1 starting morale and one farmer …

skull gear in war as gold is usually plentiful.

I would, if only i could :wink:

The main problem with item forges is that uber perks are random.

I have for example farm perks on helmet plus cape. I already found better legendary items with leadership and also scream. After I ‘uber’ a new item, I would like to have a way to transfer my current farm perk to a new item. Most times I am disappointed to receive a perk that is totally useless for me and no hair on my head is even considering to wear the new perk, since I want that farm perk. Same for the item with skull perk. During war season I want/need that perk. Replacing it with another kind of perk is no option for me. Even the same perk can be a problem. I forged some perks already a couple of times and I don’t want to spend again thousands of pearls to get similar statistics on the uber perk.

I would like to get a new option at blacksmith. Transfer perks between uber items of the same type. Say I have for example weapon A plus forged just a weapon B to uber. On A I have XP boost and on B I have life drain. During a transfer I am interested to move my XP boost to weapon B. I even don’t care that weapon A would get sacrificed by such a forge and I also wouldn’t care that I need to spend gold plus pearls to realise it. I want my original uber perk transfered to the new weapon with better statistics.

With this possibility, I definitely would continue forging items to uber, knowing that it’s not for nothing and pearls aren’t wasted. Without this option we take a big risk, forge an item to uber and hope for a good or similar perk. If the perk is useless, either spend gems for removing it and try again i the hope to be more fortunate or just get rid of the item (sell it or melt it down). With exchange option we would definitely keep forging items.

I use a mixture of both scream and leadership.

If you need a big army which costs lots of morale, leadership is the one you need. If you make use of wolf for example and need your troops to remove frost and other effects fast, you need scream gear.

I think it all depends on how you attack. For instance, I prefer to run upfront and take down towers so a high leadership means there is a big army behind me when i have to regenerate :grinning: . It’s also better to have a gear with a predominant perk but other perks as well to have the best feel to it.