Battle replays-share replays-viewing bases

Would be nice to be able to watch an enemy attack so you can adjust your defenses. Also it would help to share a replay to your alliance and get feed back on it. And why cant we view friendly bases? I know i can go on youtube and look at bases but its some random person and not your teammate or buddy so its kind of dissapointing. 

For the attack replays, the function has been requested multiple times since 2016 and I will probably merge this suggestion into the appropriate thread in a week or so. As for the friendly bases view question, there is a way to do that already on PCs and IOS (android too) devices older than IOS v10 (I believe so, if you need the precise version - check dev announcements on updates). You need to click on the eye pictogram (button) residing right next to the defense test one in the list of your alliance members.

Okay, is there any confirmation replays will be added? And also when i click on the “i” next to my alliance members it only shows stats. No base. I am on ios the most current version.

No confirmation so far, guess it is simply too hard to implement at this point in time. Also, the tab you need is the members tab of the alliance menu. Here is what you are looking for in terms of buttons. Sorry for the quality and no zoom, this is about as mich edditting as I can do on Ipad 

before, i wanted replays too but in the long run, i rather let my attacks to my enemy secret. I have some good skills in attacking enemy and i dont want to share it (LOL)  :wink: :wink: … and @Infamous is right, there is a test defense for you to adjust your lay outs and units and you can also test your member’s defense layouts. So as far as concerned, i think it is not much needed to have replays (unless Developers would). Trophies is also not a big deal for me, I actually lost 100 trophies in a day…

Thank you! Totally missed that. Idk a big part of other games i play is recording and sharing replays. Dont know if i should invest too much time into this game if it isnt even going to be added. Nothing more satisfying than showing your alliance a sweet victory or defense. 

And testing defenses with my own troops just doesnt do it for me either. Impossible to tell why you are losing from enemies, it just doesnt work that way.