Battle UI Feedback

Could we have smaller buttons that don’t block the screen? About as large as the average thumb would be sufficient. A right triangle is better than a row because the centre screen is now less claustrauphobic. It also decreases the distance your finger needs to move between items. Imagine moving horizontally 2 tiles VS moving diagonally.

Also recommending a collapsible menu for the scrolls to minimise the likelihood of accidentally clicking it (to click a scroll, have to click once to expand menu and at another position to cast!) Would at most take 1-2s more and no confirmation would be required!

I believe that the developers are not so desperate that they need to earn the money that people spend accidentally.

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i support… big screen would mean stretching thumbs and sometimes tapping on the scrolls mistakenly… having three buttons in right angled position could be a great helpful change… I SUPPORT…