battlefield view and crowns

I would like to have the ability to scroll to a birds eye view of the battle field.  the view on the battlefield is kind of close and doesn’t let you pan upward to see whats going on with your troops in the back and to see any towers that are missed.

I’ve had a quite a few completed games that ended with 2 crowns notification.  I apparently missed a tower somewhere in the back path.

I did have an issue getting three crowns at the end of the path when the castle gate was breached too soon. :slight_smile: different problem.

Well, the camera is made to directly follow the view of your king. I think a better way to help players out, and help them see whether they missed a tower, would be too add purple (or some other color) dots to the progress bar at the top of the attack screen. Would really help in all kinds of battles, especially ninja and wars

there is a progress bar on top screen?

Yes. At the top middle of the screen you will see a progress bar that shows how much gold you have earned in the attack, it also shows blue dots (which are your troops) and red dots (enemy troops)! It’s not extremely helpful, but adding the towers to this bar would greatly increase its helpfulness

there is a lot of clutter interface.  did notice the progress bar at the end, but really was not paying attention. :slight_smile:

Something really should be like Dragon Age. Able to pause the game,take time to zoom in and out and see all around with all kind of camera and move around and take time to make a strategie. With the 4 minutes cap of the pause