Battles against 125+ very hard!! despite low trophies

Hi all,

maybe I’m just useless, but recently encountering many lvl125+ with low trophies, having a lot of difficulty winning battles.  To be at that ascension lvl these guys have got many max’d barricades and probably towers.  

I am lvl 120 and have mid 6k trophies (I still get guys with 18k trophies on my islands of course) I have a recently acquired 5* titan ring with demolition ability (new forge means pretty much useless about 15% demo). My forges generally aren’t bad. So I find these defensive structures take forever to destroy, and often lose on time (sometimes death!).   I think given forging is now inadequate there should be more frequent drops of cursed items like area damage/ frostbite etc and definitely demolition. Consider a max’d blessed barricade is close to 200k health. Without demolition or a ‘bugged forged’ cooldown (for talos) there’s no chance.

I do accept that I’m just rubbish at this game :slight_smile:  

use units too)) 

They are mostly max’d.

Sad but true,But I fight them every day.I can’t defeat most of them on auto-play but manual they are not so tough.I have been fighting +15 level higher opponents since I crossed Ascension level 90 but around 98 I started to meet level 125+ opponents on my map.Yes they do have lower trophies than me like 1000-2000 but this is how game works.

It will always match you up against high ascension players based on trophy counts and ignores fame points. I think I recently met a opponent who has 15k fame points!!!

Anyways I lost to the guy and lost 11 trophies despite the fact I almost defeated his statue and all towers but could not take down his gate of Apollo on time.

What I find most ridiculous these guys were ripping 25 trophies before maxed cap was reduced now they are ripping 15 trophies or 14 for ignoring defender very cleverly they are abusing trophy system.For staying on low on trophy they fight easy opponents plus do not see attacks on their base while I still get attacked 50-60 times a day.

To recoup from those constant attack and plus move heroes back from mount Olympus I have fight and login after every three to four  every day.

Can you believe this!!!

Ah!never mind I and many veteran players like @vasudeva1 , @Neptune @Hellslord @Infamoushave said this in past but @CaptainMorgan don’t not believe us.

Truth is in order to have more trophies either you have to make insane amount of raids say 200-300 battles every day.Yes I am not kidding about it or just max out your Ascension level then start hitting low level opponents for easy battles for trophies.

Nice idea to increase our level and hit on the low level guys to gain more trophies. But, the problem is once your ascension level increases, your enemy on the map also becomes strong enemies. I am in my 126 level and all I get is people with 18k+ trophies (Levels: 130 or 131) trophies like the players in top 10 alliances. They spend more money and always keep their blessings on. FG developers has set the game like that - only who spend money will be having upper hand.

If I see people in lower levels, they have fame points like 15k+ as you’ve already said. This is becoming a serious problem. Aa you develop, the game is just becoming harder. Loyal players to the game are being disappointed.

Regarding the titan items, FG is being unfair by giving us worthless speed boost items(I have spoken on the same in a different thread).   

Defences are useless right now…? and you are saying it’s difficult to break the defence … No defence is good enough to stop the hero … 

If you are at lower lvl then you guy’s should lvl up … but i remember at lvl 120 you become strong enough to break 131Lvl defence easily… ? 

If don’t have really strong hero or any good item’s for the hero make use of troops to break the defences…

I agree, heros are stronger than defenses but some heroes have hard time with few defenders. 

the heroes are strong until you rise to lvl, as soon as you rise to lvl and you have to forge with the new forge system you get useless items and the heroes become weak as kittens. The result of all this is that it is not worth attacking, in fact it is better to stand still without doing anything, but in this way you lose interest in the game with consequent abandonment, this flaregames do not want to understand and persist with to continue with their bankruptcy choices that will lead the game to crash into a wall

Agree bro,since Forge nerf I have gained five Ascenion level all of a sudden all heroes have become waek?:frowning:?

currently it is not convenient to be active, it is convenient to stand still and wait to be attacked and receive gems for free. If you want to be active and you exceed the 18k trophies the game makes you suffer endless attacks making you lose 200-300 trophies in very little, so you should do nothing because there is no longer the need to have gold for forge seen the objects are disgusting. In this way there will be a gradual abandonment by many players, the only ones who will be the lazy players (who do not even spend money) … a suicidal policy by flaregames

Forging is nerfed but it is still possible to forge good item’s like 90K CD ring etc. If you know the process of forging you can do the forging in same way but now you need to triple your hardwork to achieve that stats … but it is possible to get higher stats… 

Some Heroes like.???

Start using heroes that can bring big armies with them… for example kadmus and ariadne… it’s easy to brake every defence… at top lvl the hard thing is to take down statues… I’m 115 ascension right now  and my only problems are statues if I face 128 lvl or higher… and if you can’t brake defences with those two start using spearmen… I can’t give other tips :slight_smile:

Non ho capito a cosa serva avere più trofei…

Ma i giocatori veterani ( @HOLYDIVINE, @ vasudeva1 , @Neptune@Hellslord ,@Infamous) per soddisfare il proprio ego devono stare sul tetto del mondo.

huhuhuhuhuhu, ci si incontra sulla mappa! Chiaramente è una provocazione. ?

I did not understand what it takes to have more trophies ... But players veterans (@HOLYDIVINE, @ vasudeva1, @Neptune, @Hellslord, @ Infamous) to satisfy their ego must stay on the roof of the world. huhuhuhuhuhu, meet us on the map! 

It is clearly a provocation. ;-)




d9d9 is still angry with me because I have not agreed to merge with my alliance, I’m sorry but I do not mix up with players who have had their account blocked for violations of the terms of service…….I teach the players of my alliance to be honest

@vasudeva1buon giorno, perché è stato bloccato il tuo account?


ciao Artemus è l’account di d9d9 che era stato bloccato, non so il motivo, ma nella mail che ha postato si parlava di violazione dei termini di servizio……chissà cosa aveva combinato 

hello Artemus is the account of d9d9 that had been blocked, I do not know the reason, but in the mail that he posted there was talk of violation of terms of service … … who knows what he had combined

avrà alterato dei codici, che stupido hahahaaa

Noooo i am not even close to the top list. 

I am not travelling map and go for trophies near 6 months now. 

I stopped that trophy madness when i hit 13.5 k and i guess i was early lvl 120s…

We suggested that this trophy system is weird, supporting passive players… Island occupiers… 

There is a cap according to your lvl, if you go for trophies, you get massive attacks… 

I always suggested why there is a cap exists? Why there is a trophies number that have less relation with activity? Why those numbers necessary? Why not a win/loss ratio? Why there are not leaques dividing players according to lvls and showing them at top lists? Why newer players suffer from cap? Why old players never had a problem? Why alliance bonuses not for only wars? Why alliance bonuses affects personal gaming? Why all lvl players do not go for top lists? 

I do not travel map for half a year and still i have over 12k points… Why??? 

As, you see i have no ego. We always suggest for a competition for all players… 

@Artemus tempo fa mi avevano bloccato, solo e soltanto per errore. Non ho alterato mai nessun codice. Dopo le mie giuste lamentele e dopo poche ore hanno ripristinato tutto. Se tu sapessi leggere non faresti, tu, la figura dello stupido!