Battles Cost Too Much Ambrosia

There are currently 3 things stopping you from playing the game:


  1.  Not enough ambrosia

  2. No opponent to attack

  3.  Opponent too high in level


With the decreases time I lose battles from Timer…  Trebuchets are slow people!  Come on.

One really easy change would be making Olympus free from Ambrosia cost to move to.  This woul allow Heroes to move closer to islands and save some Ambrosia.

But something needs to change, there are just currently too many ways to stop people from being able to play this great game.




Total agree with this, it cost way to much i want to play but im unable to play

Totally agree as well. It costs way to much ambrosia compared to how long you must wait to generate it. 

Lower costs, increase the production or allow us to watch videos for it like in roya revolt 2

Mac you have the option to watch videos for it. They are just sporadic when they pop up. Look for them in the chest image bottom right. Often it will have a 10 minute timer counting down. Just click and watch video for the chest which carries gold, wisdom, or ambrosia :slight_smile:

I agree the costs are really steep especially when trying to move around and attack people.  There is already a delay built into the game because opponents only spawn so quickly.  

I do agree and understand that it is important to space your heros out so you can minimize the cost to retake islands, but even then it costs a lot of ambrosia to retake and unless you are playing all day (which many cannot) you are severely limited or must use gems to buy it.  The only thing I can say is that at least the gem cost for ambrosia is not too bad.

Yeah but since they are on a timer I rarely catch these video offers. I guess they pop while I’m sleeping or at work.

Don’t understand why we couldn’t just have them available until we watch them. The timer is making it rather unfair for those who can’t be online 24/7

Ambrosia management is a part of this game. Don’t try to fight every time you see an opponent who is just arrived. You have to plan a battle journey to optimize the ambrosia cost. Loosing undefended island is not a big deal. What matters is how much battle can you handle per day according to your ambrosia management.

Belly is right too, don’t miss any single divine chest, so much ambrosia into.

I always left one hero dedicated to ambrosia. 

If you manage your Ambrosia well you can have plenty of fighting. 


  • Don’t attack enemies that are too far away. Be patient  and wait for closer enemies.

  • Plan a route that makes your heroes end up on Ambrosia islands before you log out.

  • If you have excess gold, buy Blessed Chests (not Blessed ITEM Chests though) and you can get decent Ambrosia from them for a reasonable price.

That’s what I do and I fight around 15-20 times daily without spending jewels. 

I hope this helps  :wink:

I’m fine with battles costing a lot. The problem I see is moving heroes from 1 island you own to another island you own costs the same as if you were going to battle.  I think his cost should be lower since you already own the islands. Even a 20% reduction would be nice.  

I agree with this idea. 

Still the biggest problem I have is not having enough of this green stuff. When I want to clear a few islands I’m totally out but where I end up is not where I want to be in most cases. I went after for the HOF reward but not for the Res. Moving to a island I control should cost Half or less than half. Maybe none. It should only cost if it’s occupied by opponent 

Agree with this - as others have said I would like to see ambrosia cost cut in half when traveling to islands you already own and no cost when traveling back to mount Olympus 

Might be losing my mind but i would even be ok with unlimited attacks as it would encourage people to actually play instead of logging in once or twice a day to collect res then log off. Of course unlimited attacks should only be implemented once we have a steady and playable matchmaking and trophy system, even then it might not be a good idea but be a hell of a lot more fun “controlled chaos” ?

Just an idea 

have heroes have cool downs and get rid of ambrosia. 

After an attack have the hero be on like a 30-45minute Cooldown. Cooldown times decrease with hero level and Ascension level

cooldown can also be affected by the damage the hero took during an attack, more damage results in longer Cooldown 

a hero traveling to a already owned island would have like a 5-10 minute cooldown

however we still need a matchmaking and trophy system that works first


I think it’s fine, but maybe add events. The event would be like few hours of everything 0 ambrosia,  or few hours where travel is 1/4 cost ect. And make events random times like chest are. 

Reducing ambrosia cost can potentially drive players away if they find that they have to constantly log in to play this game to be effective. There has to be a balance, and I feel that the game is at a decent point.

Plus you could always park all your heroes at high ambrosia islands if battling is what motivates you to play.

Remember, the biggest player base is still the casual players. If the hardcore ones want to play more, there are options to pay for ambrosia. It isn’t like you have zero options.

In short, ambrosia is fine as it is. Oh, and I like Crabz’s suggestion of temporary events.

I would agree that ambrosia is ok but we have the following

decreased hall of fame rewards - causing players to keep many heroes on gold islands to keep up with high upgrade costs

attacking doesn’t give wisdom unless you get some in vault or taking over a wisdom island. Most players will have a hero or two on these as well

that doesn’t leave to many heroes to be put on ambrosia islands…

if you are set and done upgrading then yes you can place all heroes on ambrosia islands and be ok

I’m not talking about the need to be constantly on, but just picking up the pace a little

Detri, totally agree with you. The pace gets slower as you progress to higher ascension level. Upgrades becomes more expensive, takes a borderline unreasonable time to complete, less heroes get unlocked, which leads to less resource gathering etc. This seems to be a scaling issue that game designers need to address, as the higher level players are typically the ones that have invested a lot of time in the game, but they seem to get ‘less to do’ as a result.

The thing is I don’t have enough res for upgrades so I need to prioritize and park on high res islands rather than ambrosia islands. I’d rather be upgrading than not. It used to be you get more gold for fights so I didn’t care as much about islands. I’m spending gems just to move around which is stupid 

We just need an ambrosia calculator ( ofc would cost gems ) to be abble to optimize our hero’s journey, and to understand how path costing are working ^^


Enough Ambrosia for me, if you dive in, you can attack bunch of target, but you have to sacrifice high dom island for zoning