"Bayanihan" is looking for friends to play along

Hey out there! As there sadly is no real possibility to reach out to you (still unknown player who wants to play in a circle of fun loving guys and girls – aiming for victories in countless wars to come) ingame (beside non-informative invitations), let’s try this way.


We, the alliance “Bayanihan” – consisting of players from numerous countries worldwide – are looking for active players to be part of our team. We can’t offer you cookies, bribes or any other material gain – but we offer you invitation in a lively group of active players, skilled members ready to share their knowledge and strategies - in short good guys and girls who fight together to become the best alliance we can be.


So if you have no fear to chat among fun loving people from all over the world, are willing to fight actively to become the Nr. 1 alliance in any war that comes our way and just want to have a good time – give it a try and contact XarSangdrax, ChingB Ohana, Beasolbob or Laetulos or just ask to be invited.


If you just want to hang around and have less interest in fighting actively, please don’t be offended if I advise you to look elsewhere for a corresponding alliance. It’s not that we don’t love to hang around and enjoy a relaxed conversations, but it is our common goal to actively partake in any war and we therefore we expect any of our member to fight as encouraged as possible.


If you can respond to our common goal – just try and hope to see you soon 


On behalf of the members of Bayanihan