Be part of the League of Kings!

Greetings fellow warriors!

Alliance Chikibumbum has opened its gates before numerous heroes, that wants to be a part of a dinamically improving and progressing alliance. Momentarily we can be found in the League of Kings, and planning to move soon upwards, possibly with your help. 

Requirements are always the same: be active, have a descent defense and be ready for good advice…for it is always available here?

We are a friendly group, supportive and in aware what disicpline means. 

With further questions, you can contact me in PM. 

Looking also for smaller alliances with great potential, or a group of enthusiastic individuals within an alliance , who had outgrown their limits, and intend to grow further!



See you on the field. Cheers!!




Join before the next season starts! 

Get 1000 gems and three extra blessings above the 24/7 standard we are running for months!


Can I join