Beacon mode in conquest

Iam not sure how you get scores in conquest. I have only played it once. So ignore this topic if it is useless.

Adding beacon to conquest will be fun. 4 beacon at each corners and 1 in the center.  When you start your main objective will be to capture beacons. Capture more beacons as soon as possible. Capturing beacons will increase your scores at regular intervals. More beacons means more score. If you have less beacons than your opponents you lose scores. You also have to protect it from other alliances. They can capture your beacon. The central beacon is main beacon. It’s the most hardest beacon to get and most easiest to lose. Alliances fight for this central beacon. If your opponents are too good they can capture your corner beacon. So be vigilante. If a alliance captures all beacon they win and they get rewards early and their boosts last long.

Hope you like the idea. Thank you