Beast change in Ninja Event

The Ninja Event is getting too repetitive and boring for me, with every ninja event being exactly the same with the same towers, beasts and all.

I understand that with weekly pro league, changing ninja event bases every week may be difficult, so why not just change the beasts on the levels that have them? It’s not a big change and will at least create some variety and surprise. @FTB

Otherwise, it’s just another 30 levels of chores to complete …

I guess Flare should make like in Diablo 2 the option to select Hardcore Mode. If you die only 1 time your account is deleted and you must restart from beginning. This way some who find Ninja Event boring or the game boring will have something to do :grinning: Restart from level 1. you will have something to do for at least easy 6 month (if you don’t die of course)

So each time you die your restart from beginning. Really awesome

LOL sorry ok more realistic idea Flare should add a new tier in Ninja Event for the Pro players who are so much good they find the game boring. So add a tier after 5600 call Impossible Sensai. Where same the Island will take all your time and will allow you to beat it only with 5 seconds left. After around Islands 5 you will fail at 10% raid whatever you try. to beat this tier you must have +150 everywhere no choice and full boost at max level. So the Rank 1 will be the one who have go more further

So you just need to reach 5601 trophy and bingo your boringness is over

PS : that was sarcastic. Because only top 10 are in 5600 tier. I don’t have see you name in top 10. Try 5000 and 5600 first and after if you still find that boring well come here suggest to improve the Ninja Event about difficulty,etc…Honestly I don’t see what Flare can do more? You face all different Pal during Ninja Event. Sometimes its Bucky,Archemedes,Tammy,etc… others times its Aska,Kaiser,Howl,etc…a another time its Growl,Tammy,Kaiser,etc…So each Ninja Event the Beast change. you never face the same

Normally someone who find Ninja Event boring its someone who hate the game because Ninja Event its like raiding others players or do a War Season. If you find Ninja Event boring so I guess its time for you to stop playing RR2. That means you find the game boring and nothing allow you to enjoy it. I can be wrong

For me Ninja Events or War Season or Raiding others players are all the same mechanics.

Maybe you just realize you don’t enjoy it anymore? Maybe you just realize this morning you don’t enjoy RR2 anymore? Maybe time for you to quit RR2? I don’t know. Only you know it

not sure at all tiers but 4.9k tier is not the same every week.

I see, haven’t checked with anyone but the two tiers I have been in (3500-4000 and 4000-4500) beasts are exactly the same and so are the bases. 

Regarding the higher trophy tiers, it’s not easy to gain trophies to get that high and I’m only saying that it’s very dull for the mid-level players. 


War season is different because the bases you face are different (mostly) and that keeps you enthusiastic. Pro League as well is interesting because there is variety. From the lower tiers everything is the same each week I believe, which is repetitive and dull.

For now in lower tier nothing is boring or dull. The Beast change each Ninja Event. I was surprise today to find a base full of Firebolt Tower. So same the layout change enough often. Never got the same each Ninja Event. I remember in tier 3000 with my previous account I facing the same beast and same layouts each time. So I guess that depend of the tier. Tier 3000 need a rework there.

PS : For 0-899 and 900-1,199 I confirm everything change each Ninja Event. That why the majority of time I finish close alone in Rank 1. Nobody is prepare for that. Like today in 3 hours after the Dreadnought I will be the first and only to be Rank 1 with a perfect score.All the others have miss tower lol

For 3500+ I have no clue however

Edit : I just got the same Dreadnought like my first Ninja Event. So 1 repeat on 4

Sometimes I’m in 3000 - 3499 tier, sometimes in 3500 - 3999 tier, sometimes in 4000 - 4499 tier.

The layout is pretty much same but troops, beast and tower are different for each week or so.

Conclusion: I don’t know. LOL. It’s not that boring for me but for old players I think their feel become stale because they have through same routine for years (moreover, for those who already maxed all element in the game). Don’t forget, there’s choice to not participate in Ninja, War, and Festival. There’s awesomest challenge provide by flare that is not boring: Pro-League.


ps. I just need to maxed my 4 more spells and some waves to join those who already maxed all element in the game (except quest) and I don’t now what happen to me after that, will I be bored? or not.

Interesting. I have been facing the same beast pattern for a bit now for the last few levels: Savage Tammy, Ravenous Bela, Savage Irmgard, Awakened Aska, Vicious Bucky, Voracious Nidhogg, Savage Tammy, Twisted Archimedes, Primal Howl and Voracious Eldrak is always the last dreadnought (have not seen another beast for Dreadnought). Maybe it’s just me or just my tier. Thanks for contributing, I had no idea what was going on in other tiers.

…*sigh*, this game is getting really boring

Flare, do you even care about your game? Look around at all the awesome(st) ideas people have put out there (well, not the above quote that WN just put lol), there is TONS of potential stuff for updates. FOUR months ago you snuck in a preview for a big update. NOTHING has come out since then. We need something and we need it now…or, really soon lol

Taking care of that, Beasts will be changed soon in Ninja Event :slight_smile:

Thank you. Always glad to hear you’re listening.