Beast skins not selectable

Hello, I have found a bug, not so relevant but can be repaired.

The Beast Winter-Skinbutton is not available at all beasts. For those without button you have to select the skin in the PAL menu to select color change on beasts.

These beasts are affected: nidhogg, ceres, eris, janus, nemesis.

Maybe your alliance hasn’t yet unlocked those beasts.

The beasts are not unlocked that is why skin button is not available. 

Yep, it’s that simple! But hey, all you need is 28 more Nidhogg’s to unlock it! If you want to see what the beast looks like with that skin, just head over to Voracious Eldrak and check it out. Or you could just click on the little pal flute (top right corner) in your pal selection to see the Nidhogg beast with it on

yes you are right they are not unlocked …

but why i can change the color in the wong menü? in PAL Menü i can change the biest color for unlocked beast

Because there it is for the OFFENSE Beast. And this you have because you own Nidhoqq. But since you Ally does not, you can’t choose it for the DEFENSE Beast.

Edit: The OFFENSE Beast can be called by Pal-Flute.

@orko look i my pic i change pal and alliance beast is changed, the private beast menü show no buttons for colors

but this is no problem when the button is created when the beast is unlocked … but for me the change of the skincolor in pal menü sounds wrong