Beasts Balancing Suggestions

The current strength of Beasts is way to much for certain levels - Recently ive been strugling to win offenses when the enemy has either Untaimed Kaiser ( Which is not that bad but makes a lot of problems in the game ) And secondly Celestial Phoebe ( He is really bad )

Untaimed Kaiser - So the problem is that when you go to offense and lets say you are a mid level player ( 10 - 11k HP LVL 70-60 ) and you face up aiganst an one of  these beasts they deal a lot of damage with there special abilities like half your and HP and when you have untaimed kaiser its hard because you cant possible get close because 1 special abilitie and some attacks and you are down so you kind of have to stay back behind your monsters or tanky units and use ranged spels and units the thing has a lot of hp so its really hard to kill it could waste 30 seconds from the battle and if the king isnt carefull he might die, and the biggest problem with this beast is the gold protection ever since it was implomented i was struglling to even find bases with over 100k gold. Soloution For this beast - adjust the damage a little to maybe 5k insted of 8k and maybe change the health upper or lower but still like this players will stand a chance with other combos as well and it will be good and for the gold protection problem its simple just increase game-generated loot from attacks no need to change the shiel mechanic, its nice.

Celestial Phoebe - This beast is really strong if i ever face it on defense i dont stand a chance here is why it does just like Untaimed Kaiser half my HP with one ability and its also got that healing effect which litrually makes it impossible to kill i tried equping this beast and i tried a test defense i could not kill it using both Apocolypse and Armagedon with all my spells and unit while refreshing the cooldown with ressurection scroll and it took me 40 seconds to kill it and i used 6 ressurections and who knows how many scrolls i used i count even beat my defense with scrolls i run out of time and yes i did try timewarp it dint work the possible way i beat a defense with this beast is when i realesed it baited its ability with mumies that ran ahead then rand straigh past it and continuesly spawned knights so it dint reach the tent and beat the rest of the base quickly with my mumies and insta troops before it just reached the tent and if the player had just upgraded his structures just a little at the end it might have destroyed my tent. Soloution for this beast - This might be a risky cause but just heavily reduce the healing power and dmg at certain levels.

Thank you for reading this. Tell me if you agree.


Can you please change the color of your font? It gives me headaches and I have difficulties reading it.

Having said that, your help will be the heal ring for kaiser. It cancels all lasting damage, so the blast of kaiser is pretty harmless. Phoebe you need to fight with shield spell and a huge army.

fine ill change my font :slight_smile:  and im not struggling that much kaiser anymore plus im working to get the heal ring and ill try the shield combo ( Edit: my shield wasnt even to protect my kngighs and archers they just died with 1 armagedon it doesnt work for me until i upgrade my shield significantly thats why i said nerf for mid levels its pretty hard if you got anyother advice to beat phoebe

EXACTLY! Your best shot would be to have a max shield spell with some regen forged on. As far as your army goes, it’s probably best to have some monks in there to help heal everyone after Phoebe uses her Armageddon

Or having double boosted archers 24/7 active. Too bad not all can afford that, so I won’t consider that as an option for most teams. Good this is an option for some, however for a large group it isn’t.

A heal ring with good heal stats will also be a great help. Not the one from festival, that’s way too low in heal stats. Most players use such a ring and think everyone has plus wears such a heal ring. Nope, not everyone has that ring and it’s no option for them in that case. 

Monks their problem is that when you didn’t forge their heal stats, they die pretty fast. Plus with tainted love heal tower your monks will get fried pretty easy. So most use heal ring instead, if they have that.

Players without heal ring will need an alternative. During war season, I use kickback aura instead (that has my highest skull perk) and just for possibly facing that phoebe pal, I need panda plus shield, without phoebe beast I would use three offensive spells all the time.

With panda I need to time better, since he should be healing as soon as troops get hit and not when I am running behind phoebe and start to push him into the pack. It’s all a matter of better timing, most times I succeed, but when pushing sometimes is not successful at first try (sometimes my hero stops for unsure reason, maybe because I try to hit scream or a spell), I must accept a huge loss of my army, by lack of heal ring in that situation. 

It is what it is, for now phoebe beast is fine with me, but having said that… Facing a team with phoebe in defense during war season, is a reason why some (lower) members of my team tell they can’t help, since they can’t beat that beast. We tell them to just do their best, but no scroll or resurrection since we don’t like them to spend gems on that.

True, Dena, cause my monks are level 7 with a ton of health forged on

I thing Untamed kaiser has a blind spot. When I go to the back of Untamed kaiser he won’t damage me that much. Push him to your army and attack from back. I always manage to kill kaiser by doing this. 

yup i defeat him easilly now but that still doesnt resolve the gold protection problem

still working on my shield but hopefully i wont need it because the combo that i like to use and forge most involves tammy and 3 dmg spells ( hammerstrike blizzard and swordrain )cannons knighs and mummies ive recently tested monks instead of mummies with kaiser instead of tammy and it seems to be working out but once i max out shield ill defently use it

i dont have most of these options and my panda is usally off timing with armagedon and my army dies and im kind of like that low player in the alliance but im still 3rd ( my alliance isnt that hight level we only have blazing knigth i suppose ill have to wait it out upgrading and getting uber chests to get heal ring

You also can buy current festival heal ring and work on heal stats. Value added increases every time you forge till it reaches 100%. For example first is 0.4% added, then 0.5% and nearby 100% more than 2% is added per forge. It takes time, but forging this heal ring helps. You can also slowly forge skull perk and then two or three times heal stat. That way that ring improves in time.

Only having knights forged is indeed a problem against phoebe. Especially when you have unlocked only a few levels of blazing knights.  Having forged shield quite well on healing and cool down is important. I also forged my knights to do a lot of damage. 

i cant get enought beach balls how do i get more beach balls to but it i cant beat the daily chest challenge and i dont have gems also i forge other units in an average of 5 and just started forging my cannons and i still cant forge most of my units … also 2 questions can you forge the actual shield power on the shield or is it another perk instead of that also can you forge the heal aura past 100% and if thats the case how much is the max also since it says % does it heal you based on your max hp ?

On shield you need to forge heal generation stat. Troops get shielded and get some health back. To give more shields, forge also cool down. When you can’t beat daily challenge, just drop some trophies, 400 will be enough.

 Without gems, you can’t get extra balls. Heal ring you can also hope to get in pro shop, but not available now. My heal perk is now 118.8%, heals around 3550 per second. Especially during blacksmith events forging is important due to lower cool down. If you lack pearls, you must save gems to unlock more blacksmith slots.  Check here for the reason.

The more slots you have the better pearl conversion rate you get, plus the faster those pearls are ready. I know it costs tons of gems, but that’s really best investment you can do. So save gems from daily gem, daily chests and so on. When you have enough for next blacksmith slot, buy them at blacksmith event for discount price.

Problem is you want to have 3 offense spells but still want to fight phoebe. That’s just not gonna happen, unless you have max boosted troops and spells and everything forged ofc.

Basing a nerf around your combo preference is Kind of backwards. The game gives us different options for different situations.

It’s nice that you learned how to cope with the beasts now. That’s what the forum is there for. There are plenty of people that can help out.

But around your level range I am Not too sure about the likeliness of facing phoebe that often. I Think most alliance wouldn’t have it at your range. Even the alliance i am in doesn’t have a level 2 phoebe, eventhough we are ranked ~30

luckly i have enough pearls cause i unlocked all the slots and ill try dropping trophies to beat it and thanks for telling me shield perks its been a mystery to me all along but ok ur the best ill drop trophies to get it 

well i tried every combo outthere contiously used dmg scrolls with ressurection just because you can beat it doesnt mean i can and i dint say nerf it all around i said nerf it at certain levels king levels ( it scales with king levels )  because currently its way to hard to beat ofc top players like u but players like me and lower cant because they dont have this stuff you have the lack of undrestandance aiganst my point because aigan i dint say nerf the hight levels and i cannot beat with other spells the diffrence of you and me and being able to beat it is 10k hp 2k dmg and 10k leadership also royal revolt 2 is a game about having fun and some people might like using some combos more then others and if you cant have fun versing a phoebe beast and have to have 2 defensive spells and boosted units ( Which i only have blazing knights ) and the spells dont even work i tried my 3k hp kngihs with shield heal and tammy and they still died in 1 armagedon so the fact that aigan take what i said correctly : im not basing a nerf just because of my combo every player my level struggles with it there are alliance’s that litrually tell you to take advantage of these pal and none of them are hight level they are my level  ( 60 - 80 ) and i dint say nerf the hight levels infact i would go and say thats its to weak for higher levels  ( and also having prefrences means i like to forge those so since i it will take a lot of time to get other combos done im figuring out ) and a lot of people have it for some reason even i have it … i was around 1400 trophies i equiped this beast and skyrocketed and yes its true i dont find many people with phoebe this raises my other problem - most of them has untaimed kaiser which is ez to beat but offers gold protection which means there base offers little to none gold so i have to attack with revenge attacks and leaderboards and guess what only people i find to attack with resonable gold are people that use phoebe and this is the problem so thats why i recommend them nerfing it for mid levels like 60 and 80 not for high levels because they can beat it easilly dont nerf it change its scaling.

get what im saying here - anyway thank you for taking the time to reply.

I hide trophies a lot. I am hanging around 2700-2800 most times, but easily I can hang around 4k without a problem. I do it for a few reasons, that staying low principle, but let’s not go into details.

It’s not always a matter of willing to fight phoebe, nowhere is displayed that an alliance has phoebe. And during war seasons, you don’t really have a lot of options. When an opponent alliance unlocked phoebe, the odds to face that beast are immense. And there you can’t say, I can’t beat phoebe, so sorry, I don’t help my team. 

The phoebe beast is not really a problem, unless I really mess up due to multi-touch problem. When I for example want to launch a spell, hero quite often stops moving or when hero moves and touch a spell button, the spell isn’t launched. When willing to push phoebe into a pack of troops, that means standing in front of him instead of being behind him, losing precious seconds, before I can really push the beast into the pack. But still, I seem to get the hang of beating phoebe now. 

One rookie mistake was to keep pushing him around, generating tons of heal puddles, which heal him somewhat when pushing him over them. Just push him in the pack and let them take care of him is all it takes. Heal puddles give a limited amount of health back, so once he is in the pack, make him no longer move and make sure his heal puddle did it’s job. Just concentrate on beating him by shield, spells and scream. 

Having said that, either heal ring in combination with shield or panda without heal ring (during war wordrobe I have no heal ring!) is required. Although with panda it’s more hard, it requires good timing, since panda should heal when phoebe did damage.

In our alliance range (200-300), more and more teams seem to have phoebe beast. Yes, a lot of players have a paper base and only phoebe makes it tough for lower hero levels or heros without heal ring or not so good forged shield spell. 

Main problem for lower teams and their players is lack of good boosts. For example when you are in a relative low team and have for example level 6 knights, that won’t be as good as level 9 (what we have). The knights die faster due to less health and do less damage due to less strength. And… having knights not forged on damage and health enough will be causing a huge problem. 

I wish sometimes we could play as another player in our team or friend list (test raids). Just no way to view stats, you just can raid like being him. In that case, we could friend a lower player and try with his settings against a certain base with phoebe and experience what problem you face. But I expect this will never be added due to privacy reasons (when we only can raid with those settings currently active and not watch stats, it would be no problem). Then it would be obvious if the player needs to work on several stats and improve them, before for example phoebe can be beaten.

actually my kngihs are level ten i believe we have max blazing knigh but our alliance is indeed low level and i forged kngihs quite a bit 400 bonus hp and 40 bonus damga plus 3.75% movement speed  the have about 3300 hp and yup

When your team is low level, then the boosts on your knights can be causing the problem. I hope you meant your knights are maxed (level 16), otherwise knights will not be good enough.

My team has level 9 boost and that’s enough to beat phoebe.