What is the best strategy to defeat Phoebe?
Spells and Troops

Push her into your troops. Doesn’t really matter what they are.

And how much magic? venom looks good against him

I’ve pushed Phoebe into my troops and she insta-kills them all and survives full hp :slight_smile:  

You might be running into a high level Phoebe well beyond your troops ability.


I always use Blade - Blizz - Black Magic when I raid normally, and blizz slows most beasts down while my troops kill it.

Phoebe does that sometimes. Sometimes Phoebe will insta kill everything, other times it dies in an instant and other times it takes forever to kill it (I’m refering to the exact same Phoebe, as in raiding the exact same player repeatedly).

Honestly I haven’t worked out the best way to kill it yet. I usually go with Kaiser, Monk, Ogre, Wolf, Blizz, Bladestorm and Swordrain and I don’t feel this is really effective against Phoebe.

cannons are the best (better if boosted) + scream button

Monks + Cannons

Archers kill phoebe in seconds. Also use poison and firestorm/bladestorm  and push it inside your army that will kill him in seconds. 

Only if he is standing on his blessing circle you need to push him away from his blessing. 

I think what you should really pay attention against Phoebe is to avoid that a wolf howls near phoebe beast, might become an endless 10sec fight or a insta-death for you and your troops.

Use cannons as insta and move the phobe so phobe cant self heal and die.

Best way to kill Phoebe? Use the Zombie Ninja Bug :lol: 

lol I remember this bug, so priceless :lol: but very effective. The best way to destroy a Beast

As far as I know that only worked for the 1st time. It was already fixed for the 2nd zombies.