Beasts sort criteria

For too long, I thought that the Beasts on the selection menu were always ordered by in a fixed way.

A few months after of playing though… I saw that changing and a while after, again and again…

So I have to ask: On the Beast selection menu, what’s the sort criteria?

Even a few days ago, before the LSU boosting Growl, it was right next to the Howl beast. Now it’s on the first 3.

I’m really out of ideas here, since none of these seem to be right:

  • Sorted by Power? Nope
  • Sorted by Animal Type? Not any longer
  • Sorted by Beast level? Absolutely not

It’s not that relevant, but I find it strange nonetheless :thinking:

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Not exactly this, but I had thought of writing something similar the other day… Since this also deals with sorting of beasts, I would not open a new forum…

I wanted to request RR2 devs to put the similar creatures right next to each other, so that it is easier to compare their traits and decide which one is stronger…

What I mean is, Tammy, Phoebe and Irmgard go serially… Growl, Howl and Ceres alongside each other… Eris and Archimedes together… Nemesis, Eldrak, Nidhogg together… And so on… This way, sorting is ordered… Sorting by animal type…