Beautify the king

Would you please beautify our kings? Just like the pic showed below?


the pic u posted is disturbing !!! …and VEEEEEEEEEEERY weird!!!

So you mean you have a very “special” taste of what is “beauty”. Insteresting.

In your pic the hero looks girly and wimpy. He looks nothing like the tough warrior kid that he trully is.

FG has done a Great job in portraying the hero of this game, the hero doesn t need any beautification at all !!!

No offence, but I hope madlen takes this recommendation straight to the “Non-feasible Ideas” category

The skin is extremely good as the king of any standard likes it.
Even a cute prince with a freckle, but a king of sweet masks like a noble woman.

I think what kind of king figure you want is your personal thoughts and preferences.

Please make the king attractive as an idea. . It would be a general request for games that manipulate the avatars of kings and queens

by the way …I like the irresistible king of RR2.
The story started from the point of throwing away the relatives for the property.

It is a king of direct thought that tries to make a monarchy by one’s own hand without establishing regent in relatives.

It is a king whose self-assertion is strong. :grinning:


Aslan in your pic who is the king and who is the queen??? they both look like women 

I agree with megatheo, the king doesn’t need to be changed. However, the female version needs to be changed quite a bit, there’s almost no change at all. The eyes, face shape, and waist size are slightly different, those are the only things though. Without the hair change I would never be able to tell the difference between the male king and female queen. Once again, king needs no change, female avatar needs quite a few changes

The female avatar is ok too. 

@megatheo It is a famous cartoon popular with women.

Both are women. It is Marion Antoinette with the chief of the guards who can wear men and be used in the royal palace.

Surely there are various things that the person wants to express.

I just wanted to say that here.

Retro manga cartoons were never my style, but I used to go crazy about Kabamaru the ninja and Jumaru.

I m soooooooooo relieved Madlen categorised this recommendation as a “Non-feasible Idea”


Beautifying the king must one of the most AWKWARD ideas …EVER!!!

OK, Thanks anyway