Beeng Luxx- Recruiting Players!

‘Beeng Luxx’ invites enthusiast players to join the alliance. ‘We play as a team, We grow as a family’ has been our motto ever since…

We respect your personal life and work, so we don’t ask you to be online all day or every-hour… Come online whenever you can and help the alliance as much as you can… We give everyone 10 days of inactiveness before kicking them out from the alliance… Once you prove yourselves worthy and we give you promotions, your days if inactiveness will extend (for sergeants-15 days, and for generals- 30 days)… If you inform us beforehand before going inactive, we will give you as many days as you ask for…

Minimum Player Requirements for joining the alliance:
• Player Level: 70 (flexibity of 2-3 levels)
• Alliance-Tower/Donations: Lvl 8 with 100k Gold
• Player stronghold units: lvl 3 (it’s okay even if it’s lvl 0, as long as you promise to get it to lvl 3 within a week)
• Trophy Count: 1000 (flexibility of 100-200 trophies)
• Must Participate in Wars and Conquests (Ninjas are upto you)…
• Donate resources from stronghold time to time…
• Donate Gold Everyday (or the days you come online)
• Donate pets each time you receive them
• Chat regularly or not, it’s upto you…
• Language: Must understand English
• Country: Flexible (We have people from all over the world)
• Must donate insta-troops to those who ask for itroops

About Alliance:
• Alliance Lvl: 47
• Alliance Capacity: 52 (limited spots)
• Alliance Stronghold Units: All Lvl 6
• Conquest Tier: Novice Explorers

Alliance Defense Beasts:

  1. Savage Tammy: Lvl 3 (139/200)
  2. Savage Irmgard: Lvl 0 (44/50)
  3. Celestial Phoebe: Lvl 0 (9/25)
  4. Twisted Archimedes: Lvl 5 (8/300)
  5. Celestial Eris: Lvl 0 (0/25)
  6. Primal Howl: Lvl 4 (231/250)
  7. Primal Growl: Lvl 4 (215/250)
  8. Celestial Ceres: Lvl 0 (0/25)
  9. Voracious Eldrak: Lvl 1 (71/100)
  10. Voracious Nidhogg: Lvl 0 (14/50)
  11. Celestial Nemesis: Lvl 0 (4/25)
  12. Awakened Aki: Lvl 1 (44/100)
  13. Awakened Aska: Lvl 0 (8/50)
  14. Celestial Janus: Lvl 0 (0/25)
  15. Untamed Kaiser: Lvl 4 (46/250)
  16. Viscious Bucky: Lvl 5 (5/300)
  17. Ravenous Bela: Lvl 0 (14/50)
  18. Frosty Fritz: Lvl 0 (9/50)
  19. Furious Hans: Lvl 0 (17/50)

Alliance Boosts (Elite):

  1. Stunning Ogre (All-time)
  2. Cannons (All-time)
  3. During events (conquests and wars), we activate many other boosts for fun…
  4. We will activate werewolf boost all time after we unlock CP (or as asked, if we get good donations)…

• We NEVER FAIL to secure all the boosts and rewards during conquest…
• War is uncertain… Sometimes we win, Sometimes we lose…
• We take game as fun and stress-reliever, not stress-developer, so we don’t have any extra group in messenger or whatsapp or discord or any other messaging app to discuss… If you want to discuss or talk about game, do it in-game…

If you are interested in joining our alliance and if you meet all the requirements, ‘apply’…

If you are interested in joining our alliance but do not meet some of the requirements, contact any of our generals in-game or message me in forum or drop comment below…:point_down::point_down::point_down:

If you need any more details regarding the alliance, message me or comment below… :point_down::point_down::point_down:

NOTE: This alliance is also looking for helping hands. Strong players (lvl 100+) with high donations (750k+), if willing to help, please join and help us as much as you can. Thanks in Advance… :smile::smile::smile:

Signed By:
Beeng Luxx

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This is called a perfect alliance promotion. Everything clear, and lovely written. Good Luck to your Team man!

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  1. We are no longer novice explorers… we are SEASONED EXPLORERS now…

  2. We have upgraded our primary howl to lvl 5…


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