Beginner’s Guide: Get ready for a good start !

Beginner’s Guide: Get ready for a good start!


You have just started the game or you are at the beginning of it but you don’t know what to do? Are you in panic? Hey, don’t worry!

This basic guide will help you to avoid some mistakes that you may do, knowing in the knowledge that what you did could come in handy in the future, but by no means!


What we will learn today:


Main Currencies introduction with various advices:

  • Gold presentation and tips on how to collect more! Click here for more info!
  • Gems are very important to grow up your kingdom and you will read various ways to collect them! Click here to know where spend them wisely!
  • Pearls are the alternative value but their usefulness is very low! Click here to know more!
  • Bread is like gold, upgrade always farms and silo as soon as you can! Click here!
  • Vouchers: the special currency that allow you to buy what you have always looking for! Click here to know more!

Attack side:

Defence side:

  • Find how to make a longer path and what towers should prevail in your base and know why Castle Guard is important by clicking here!

In addition, tips and advice everywhere!

Main Currencies with various advices


Since Royal Revolt 2 is based on some main currencies that can allow the new player to move in the right or wrong direction depending on how he/she use them, I would like to start from these:

  • Gold
  • Gems
  • Pearls
  • Bread
  • (OPTIONAL) Vouchers



Gold is the main thing that will keep your kingdom alive and there are lot of things (I would say over 90%) that you can upgrade with it, so every single penny at start of the game is important. Obtain gold could be easy or not depending on how you make it!


However, you can obtain gold from various tasks for example the most easy thing is collect it from Taverns or attack people but then also by doing quests, dungeons (especially Veins of Gold which give you a good amount of gold only the first time you do them), selling useless items from your inventory of your Hero.


A priority suggestion with Gold is upgrade the Throne Room. Not all things can be upgraded immediately and for this, you need to upgrade specific buildings to gain the access to upgrade for example a next level of a troop or a next level of a spell or other buildings.


In this case, the throne room allow to unlock of other buildings levels like the Wizard’s Tower or Treasure Chamber etc. So having a high level of Throne Room (that could be level 4-5 for a beginner for head start), allow to not waste time on waiting for other things and avoid unpleasant delays in enhancing some exciting things that you wanted to do before, but you couldn’t because the level of the Throne Room was too low.


The rest of other buildings can be upgraded according to the needs:

  • If you want to concentrate on attack, so upgrade buildings that allow you for this like Wizard’s Tower or Troop Academy;
  • Instead if you want to privatize defence side, upgrade Treasure Chamber, Inventor’s Workshop as first buildings;

Therefore, you will be spoiled for choice!


As you progress with the game the gold required to upgrade things will increase, so you will need also a good technique to collect a lot of gold in a simple and fast way:

  1. Wait that your Farms and Silo are completely full (better if you have them at high level so you can collect even more gold);
  2. Start search via matchmaking people that have lot of gold more than the usual gold you see and raid them, if you have some gold boosts in your equipped items of your Hero is better to increase the loot at the end of the raid;
  3. Raid all of these rich players that have lot of gold as soon as you finish all your bread;
  4. Then if the result is not good because you need more gold, you will have to wait that farms produce again food (bread), in this case you can stay online to wait that they produce it or log off in the meantime.
  5. If you decide to log off remember to activate the free Gold Shield offered by the Treasure Chamber every day for 3 hours. In these 3 hours, your farms will surely fill up all the capacity they can storage and you can raid again other players to take the remained gold you need.

You should do this simple trick whenever you need gold!



Gems are the secondary currencies after gold but they are extremely descendants of what you do. Having always a good amount of gems in your storage can save you sometimes from drastic situation (like win a league or buy food to finish a war, etc.) but instead not having them or have very few can put you in a uncomfortable situation, even to the point of standing pat days without doing anything.


The first gems that the game will offer from the tutorial don’t spend them immediately, it’s preferable wait few minutes/hours more, than spend them immediately and find themselves penniless.


You can always buy them or win them also through the raffles made on Facebook or sometimes on RR2 Forum, but it’s more rewarding earn them also through the various things that the game offer like doing leagues (bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond league), complete some quests, complete some dungeons (Diamond Vaults, also here only the first time you will rewarded with the corresponding gems shown), access to the Chamber of Fortune you can have the luck to find a good amount of gems (more you grow up with your king level more the lucky gem reward from the chest will be high), from opponent attacks, opening the Magic Chests earned during the Alliance Wars or at last buy them with Vouchers.


Use gems wisely because after you have spent them you will need again lot of time (depending on what you do) to earn them, so be careful!


There are some main ways where you must spend gems, as soon as you have the occasions:

  1. Buy your first Starter Package : offers packages like this one, allow the player to buy one or more things at a cheap price than what they cost in reality. (You will usually meet over 60%-70% discount on these packages). They pop-up when you have few gems at start of the game but also when you will have a good nest egg of gems, they will appear (maybe less often than usual because you have lot of gems) but the offer will be always at a good price.

The starter package can offer you the third spell slot, the third troop slot or also both! In addition, for the raid these two new slots are essential because they might declare the victory or defeat of a raid!

Nevertheless, if you aren’t able to buy this package for lack of gems, buy in this case the spell slot (600 gems) that worth better than other things. Then afterwards buy your troop slot and you are done for the first checkpoint.

After, other important package like the worker package (that offer you +3 workers, very important to speed up your towers buildings) or the warrior package (that can offer you max level of Silo and some level of your Hero) worth both to buy!

  1. If you have the intention to enter in a good alliance, upgrade with your gems your Alliance Tower. It will require lot of time to collect all those gems to upgrade it at max levels, but at the end of all it worth, because it can assure a solid place in the alliance you are looking for or many demands by other mid or high alliances to enter!
  2. An early advice for the future progress of your kingdom is to collect as many gems as you need to speed-up your waves. Well yes, waves required lot of time (over 1 year to max all of them) so if you don’t want to wait just use your gems and enjoy them! However, do this important thing at last, when you have nothing interesting to spend with gems.

You can use gems also to remove Ancient Ruins in your path: some ruins must be removed as soon as your path will become longer but other ruins can be not removed if you have already decided what kind of base design you have in mind.


In addition, if you are interested to enrich your kingdom you can always buy some fantastic landscapes that the game offers you, but they are not as important as far now.



Pearls can be earned through the expense of gems; you can find them in Chamber of Fortune or in the Magic Chests. However the ratio is 10 gems spent 1 pearl earned. Some Scrolls can be used with pearls in addition to gems, but since pearls required more time to be gained, the power of these scrolls is very high rather than scroll used with gems. An example is the Armageddon scroll (used with pearls) versus the Apocalypse scroll (used with gems).

You can also buy hero items from the Granny Shop with pearls but most of times they do not worth it. However, pearls will have other utilities in future, so collect them always and spend them only if you really need it!



Bread is essential for everything, without it you cannot do anything, so it’s always good upgrade your Farms and your Silo (I suggest to upgrade them during the break between War Seasons, so you won’t suffer the fire from the alliance because you are upgrading your farms instead of fighting) to raid people more often and speed-up your process to gain gold, do leagues or other things.

The easy way to get bread is buy it with gems, but you can also gain it free from the chests in the Chamber of Fortune or in the Magic Chests or watching video (available only for iOS and Android).



Vouchers are the alternative of gems to buy things that you always looking for. A way to earn vouchers is share your friend code to your friends (it can be found when you click on the images that the Voucher Bazaar shows through the share button).


When your friends have your code and they level up their kings you will earn a good amount of vouchers and with these vouchers, you can buy lot of interesting things as:

  • New landscapes;
  • Gold Shield;
  • Gems;
  • Hero Items;
  • Gold;
  • Slot troop/spell;
  • Worker;

Each time you buy something, the price in terms of vouchers will increase (for example the case of gems).

Therefore, it depends only from you what do you want to buy or what do you prefer in your situation to buy. However, you can find vouchers also in Magic Chests or in normal chest after you enter in the Chamber of Fortune.

Attack Side


As you could understand, there are two sides in the game: attack and defence.

Someone could prefer attack someone else could prefer defence, but at the end of all you will need to do both to have the maximum experience in the game!


However, talking about attacking and if you really want to go through this road, you will need to upgrade your Wizard’s Tower and your Troop Academy as priority buildings. Spells and Troops are the main protagonists of a raid, and have them at very high level can help you a lot during the fight, especially also if you have Elite Boost Troops. Each player has its own base design and its own troops/towers defence so sometimes it is essential swipe from a spell to another to be able to raid him/her at 100%.


An advice is that if you see in the minimap of the player that you are going to attack, many range troops (that could be Arblaster, archers or mortars, etc.); go for high range spells like Swordrain, Blizzard, etc. because most probably he/she will use many or long chokepoints.


Instead if the base you are going to attack has low range troops or towers (Frost Towers or Gargoyle Tower, etc.), use short spell like Hammerstrike, Bladestorm, etc. or also high range spell.


All spells like all troops are good but some are more useful than others. About spells, you should target on some specific spells to upgrade as:


Hammerstrike is a very useful spell that you can use for low, mid and high level gameplay. Thanks for its very low cool down (only 7 seconds) and thanks to its instant hit, it can reveal a very painful spell against most of units and towers (which suffer of blunt damage).


Swordrain already at level 8-9 can kill lot of troops in one shot but it is useless against towers, so the main reason that you should equip Swordrain in your arsenal is because the enemies’ base has lot of range troops that can make some problems. In this case, Swordrain is perfect to use.


Blizzard is important only in some cases, you will see that as soon as you will grow up with trophies you will meet also strong players and you will see more often Skull Towers. Skull Tower is very deadly but like all things, it has its weakness: Ice. Blizzard works perfect against Skull Towers but only at last levels because also in the same time it can almost kill other deadly enemies’ troops. My suggestion is to upgrade it lately when you have already other strong spells at mid-high levels.


Shield is perfect to save yourself and your troops in many cases. Even if it cannot do nothing because it doesn’t attack anything, its power of put a shield on troops and king is very dedicated. The best tip to full use this spell is create a group of troops all around you (also at start of the match using the scream of the hero to attract troops) and cast immediately Shield. You will see that you and your troops will live longer than before and you will be able to reach the castle also with more troops than usual!


Bladestorm is good versus all type of troops, a bit less versus towers, but upgrade it at a good level 5-6, do not remove it until you do not have a better spell to put in your arsenal.


Sonic Blast is perfect in every situation and every single gold to upgrade it (because it is the most expensive spell) worth to spend. Although it kills things slowly, its 3 seconds of activity, you can “Touch & Go” other towers or troops and kill them like you casted it for the first time and it will remove lot of health even if you arrive a bit late!

The other spells of which I have not talked (Toxic Cloud, Stun, Firestorm and Heal) can be upgraded in a moment later.


Now for attacking troops I personally suggest to upgrade and use:


Knight is the cheapest unit but also fast so it worth to use in each difficulty. You just need to know how to control them! For example use Scream if they are too far from you.


Archer is good in each case at start of the game for their range but later Arblaster could replace their job if not boosted as well.


Froster is very important when you are facing lot of chokepoints where other enemies’ troops are killing you from the other side. They can slowdown everything but they required a bit time to destroy towers.


Cannon as normal troops is able to deduct lot of health from towers (because cannon attacks only towers and obstacles) but are very weak from I would say all type of damage so they need to be always protected in one way or another.


In a moment later when you will have Elite Boosts activated for them if you are in an alliance that have them you can use:

Knight – Blazing Knight: a lot powerful against Tough Barricade and can become a second shield for you if you cast Shield on them.


Archer – Power Archer: very deadly against everything thanks to their blunt damage, worth to use with Elite Knight to make a great combo of an unstoppable army.


Froster – DragoFroster into Ice Dragon: Useful against any type of troop/tower/obstacle weak to ice (example skull towers or against gargoyle tower or blockade)


Pyromancer – Dracomancer: Same as the other Ice Dragon, Dracomancer when evolve into Fire Dragon is useful against any type of troop/tower/obstacle weak to fire (example Arrow Tower or Froster or barricade)


Cannon – Storm Cannon: Fast speed but worth to use it to destroy quickly all type of towers it will meet.


Surprise Mummy: thanks to its spawn of Knight or Elite knight (if the alliance have them activated), it can reveal a big help during some difficult raids where you are not able to pass.


Raging Wolf: have it in your arsenal it’s like have a free Battlecry every time it howls your troops making them resistant to all type of damages adding more speed to their attack and more strong than normal.


These are the main attacking spells and troops that I suggest to use from the beginning especially the first listed and go up with the others lately when your king will be strong enough to use them or when you will have the opportunity.


In addition, the other troops can be freely upgraded later when you are done with the units listed above.

Defence Side


Defence is very important because can make profit (gems) from the attacks of enemies players if they use Scrolls during the raid on your base. Alternatively, they can give you trophies if they lose during the raid.


To make profit you don’t need only an effective base design but also a long path. To make a longer path you need to upgrade your Castle Gate. Each level of Castle Gate can add to your path one more slot to place a tower or one more slot to place an obstacle. Both essential to create a solid base.


However, to have a strong base you need also strong troops to put in your waves and strong towers to put in your path. For this, you will need to upgrade buildings that allow you to do this like Inventor’s Workshop for unlocking new levels of towers or new towers; Troop Academy also here because troops can be used on both side (attack and defence) and Castle Guard and its waves need to be upgraded always since the time to upgrade all waves required more than one year as wrote at start of this thread.


The first towers as Arrow Tower, Bomb Tower, Frost Tower can be used only at start until 2000 trophies or so, then they start to lose usefulness (unless boosted for the exception of Range Bomber) for everything due to fact that players will use strong spells to defeat your base and so you will need more strong defence towers.


Arrow Tower is the first tower you unlock that will take care of most units at start of the game. Then even if boosted will start to become obsolete unfortunately.


Bomb Tower is preferable to upgrade since the beginning of the game because it will come back useful in a moment later when boosted (Range Bomber give extra range of the thrown bombs making very difficult protect all your troops if there are many of them). At high-level gameplay, use it only if boosted otherwise replace Bomb Tower with Skull Tower or Firebolt Tower.


Frost Tower hasn’t been so much powerful neither at start or at mid-high levels, so it’s preferable also here use them only for its slowness effect on units otherwise you can store them in the Inventory.


My suggestion is to think to unlock directly the last towers: Snake Tower, Firebolt Tower and Skull Tower in order to find the lead for future enemies attacks. A great combination of towers with different type of weakness make the raid a bit difficult since not all spell are good for all type of towers.


Snake Tower can kill your troops but mainly your Hero in few seconds because its weakness is poison. A nice combo is use them with always a range towers like Firebolt or Skull Tower in a way that the Hero has to go “under” the Snake Tower if he/she wants to destroy also the other tower near it. Very deadly and very useful tower cannot be avoid as others like Frost Tower or Gargoyle Tower.


Firebolt Tower is used mostly to make lose time for the king or your troops to destroy it since it cannot be destroyed using your sword but only with range troops or specific spells. A good numbers of these towers can seriously make lose lot of time if positioned in row (example a straight path).


Skull Tower is extremely deadly and extremely difficult sometime to destroy if you don’t have the right spell and the right timing. Use it everywhere!


Remember that more the aspect of a tower is dark-grey more high is its level, so be careful. With your “Touch & Go” spells, start to destroy the high-level towers and immediately after the low one. In this way, you will avoid unpleasant delays on wait that your spell reload because you did the contrary.


Talking about Castle Guard, we can clearly understand that the effectiveness of a base is also made by the amount and the strength of troops there are in. If you want to spawn more units that are defensive during the raid, you need to upgrade and level up your castle guard and its waves. And in this case levelling up the waves that Castle Guard offer you (in total there are 8 waves, each has 18 levels allowing a storage of 42 morale points) can change a lot the results depending on what type of troops you put!


A simple advice is to put Frosters in each wave in order to slow down every time for a long period the enemies’ troops spawned by Hero. Usually more troops you have in a single wave more time Hero will need to kill them all. However, not always is like this, in fact few troops but strong or with special skills can make the difference. An example is better to put three mummies in a wave than eight Arblasters that instead can be killed in few seconds (for example using Hammerstrike or Swordrain).


There aren’t perfect waves that are good for all types of situations, but you need to change them every time you change also your base design. Some bases can required some specific troops rather than other usual troops you used to put in your waves.


For the rest I leave you in the mystery, otherwise, I spoil too much and there is no more exciting things to know.


Hope this basic information of this guide has directed you in the right way and that it didn’t mix up your mind.