(Beginners)"GAINING XP FASTER"(Mid-Players)

Ewoah Gaming !

Hey wassup guys , 

you may not recognize me as some super huge youtuber or what not . but i am for sure a major factor in Royal revolt 2. ive come to have time and make time to show you and other how to do certain things faster ! Picture yourself turning into the may weather of Royal revolt 2 ! EXACTLY WOW! Watch some of my videos i only have 4 right now but this will give you an idea on what path you should go on when starting to play royal revolt 2 !


Beginner XP GUIDE !

Theres alot more to learn when it comes to becoming a better General player on royal revolt 2 !

Check me out guys !

I make daily videos !

Giveaways coming Very soon! (Soon as i reach 50 subs TBH)

You can check out my page if you wanna learn about me more and find other ways to contact me or watch me ! 

Thank you guys so much for even veiwing my forum !



Good luck, however Flothaboss and Pellez don’t write a topic/post for every new video. I suggest you to create a topic which contains all (or only some of them) your videos.


Thanks , However I wanna chase my dream im gonna chase it , Thanks for the opinion But Quite Frankly im not breaking any rules and not posting anything outside its boundaries. Im Not Flothaboss Or Pellez Im Ewoah Gaming, Thanks for your concern … If you actually wanted me to have good luck you would support ? Not try to demote someone from advertising in the correct manner and chasing their dream at the same time . Thank you @REVOLTROYAL

Please inbox me if you have anything further you would like to speak upon.


Actually Ewoah, RevoltRoyal is right, you should make a topic containing your videos that are like these. Now, when it comes to dungeon videos, you should do what I wished I had done, and made a topic called: Royal Revolt II Dungeon Guides. Then you can put all your dungeons in there and that way people won’t have to go searching for a dungeon through pages of the forum. RevoltRoyal is just looking out for you, good luck with your channel, I look forward to your videos