Beginner's Guide

Hello everyone!

Are you just getting started? Here are some tips and tricks for first-time Olympians!


What determines which opponents appear on my islands?

Matchmaking is level-based. Players are matched by comparing their individual Ascension Levels.

In the beginning of the game, there will mostly be easier opponents whose level is the same as yours or even a bit lower. As you level up and unlock more island areas, the game will start providing you with opponents whose Ascension Level is higher than yours, which means that their defense is potentially stronger, making them harder to beat.


What is the difference between defended and undefended islands?

Any island of yours is defended as long as a Hero is placed on it. Islands with no Heroes on them are undefended.

  • Defended islands  are only lost when another player actually beats your defense. The Hero which defended this island is then returned to Mount Olympus. Having a strong defense makes it less likely to lose your defended islands as your base becomes harder to beat.
  • Undefended islands are regularly taken by new opponents for you to fight. This happens automatically without them having to beat your base in battle. This way, there are always enough opponents for you to attack.
  • The number of islands which you can defend at the same time is limited by the amount of Heroes you have unlocked. Having more Heroes allows you to defend more islands.
  • Defended islands produce much more resources than undefended islands. You should always place your Heroes on islands which produce a lot of Gold, Wisdom, or Ambrosia, depending on what you need the most.
  • Undefended islands produce less resources than defended islands, but the sheer amount of undefended islands you can occupy at the same time makes up for this.
  • Defense Fleets can be deployed on both defended and undefended islands to protect them from being lost for a certain amount of time.


Why are my Heroes back at Mount Olympus?

When another player successfully attacks you a certain number of times, you will lose one of your defended islands. A Hero which is defending an island is automatically returned to Mount Olympus when his island is lost. The Hero which is sent back is chosen randomly, but Heroes with a low level are more likely to return to Mount Olympus in comparison to Heroes with a high level.

This will happen less often if you build a strong defense.


What does a Hero do in defenses?

The Hero level does not affect the strength of your defense itself. Placing a Hero on an island simply makes it less likely that the island will be lost to a hostile player. In order to lose a defended island, your defense must be beaten a certain number of times. However, undefended islands can be lost without anyone beating your defense.

When you have been beaten a certain number of times, a Hero will be beaten back to Mount Olympus. The Hero which is sent back is chosen randomly, but higher level Heroes are a little less likely to be sent back.


How do I get more Ambrosia?

There are a few ways how to get more Ambrosia:

  • Upgrade your Ambrosia Temple.  The more you upgrade it the more Ambrosia will it produce per hour.
  • Conquer islands which produce Ambrosia. Not only will you get the Ambrosia which is stored on the island after conquering it, but the island will also begin to produce additional Ambrosia for you over time.
  • Place your Heroes on Ambrosia islands before leaving the game. Islands which have Heroes on them produce a lot more resources and are less likely to be lost.
  • Remember to collect the Ambrosia produced by your islands. After logging in, all islands which are still yours will have resources on them which you can collect. Tap on each island or simply use the “Collect all” button in the Tributes screen (the button with the ship icon on the left of the screen).
  • Get additional Ambrosia for free. Daily Chests and Bonus Chests which you get for viewing videos will often contain some Ambrosia. You can also find Ambrosia in the Vault of Hephaestus after winning a battle.
  • Complete Quests. You can get a bit of Ambrosia by completing some of the Quests, e.g. by unlocking new troops (by upgrading the War Academy), discovering new islands (requires Dominance), destroying Barricades in battle or upgrading the Ambrosia Silo.


Why do battles cost so much Ambrosia?

There are a few things to keep in mind in order to reduce your Ambrosia costs:

  • Travel distance increases Ambrosia costs. The further two islands are away from each other, the more Ambrosia it will cost to travel between them. Travelling between different island areas is even more expensive.
  • Each Hero moves independently. Make sure you are using the right Hero when selecting an island by either using the drag & drop feature or by cycling through the Heroes with the arrow buttons just before entering a battle. The game automatically selects the Hero which is currently closest to the island but sometimes you might want to choose another Hero.
  • Plan your route instead of attacking islands randomly. You can strategically plan in which order to attack multiple islands. Choose on which island you want your Hero to end up at the end and then find out which route is the most efficient to get there.
  • Spread your Heroes around the map. Avoid having your Heroes all in one place. If you have different Heroes in different areas, you can actually save Ambrosia costs because you won’t have to travel huge distances across the map.
  • Build a strong defense. If you lose an island which was protected by a Hero, this Hero will be sent back to Mount Olympus. Travelling back to where he was before usually costs a lot of Ambrosia. Having a strong defense which is regularly upgraded reduces the chances of this happening.


How to build a strong defense?

Here are a few tips which should help you build a stronger defense:

  • Test your own defense. There is a sword-shaped button on the bottom of the screen while viewing your own defense. Use this button to play against your own defense. Testing your defense is completely free, you can even resurrect and use Invocations without spending Ambrosia or Gems. Keep in mind that the people who attack you often have a lower Ascension Level than you. This means that your defense might be harder to beat for them as it is for you.
  • Regularly upgrade your towers and barricades. The maximum level of each defensive structure increases each time you upgrade your Heroes’ Temple. Even the most clever defense will fail should you not upgrade it every now and then.
  • Rotate your towers.  Press the rotate button at the bottom of the screen to rotate the tower you currently have selected. Some towers are much more effective when rotated towards a certain direction.
  • Configure defense waves. The Guard of Thanatos allows you to configure which units appear in the waves that attacking players have to fight while trying to beat your defense. Upgrading the building increases the number of waves, the time between them and how often you can upgrade each wave. Upgrading waves increases the morale points you can use to spawn more powerful units.


What is Dominance and how do I get it?

Your Dominance determines how good you are at conquering and defending islands.

Dominance is needed for:

  • Exploration. Unlock new island areas by reaching the required amount of Dominance. Each new island area offers higher rewards and more challenging opponents.
  • Heroes. Unlock new Heroes to use in battle by reaching the required amount of Dominance. Each Hero has a unique Power and different bonuses.

There are a few ways to gain Dominance:

  • Defending islands. Each of your islands which is defended by a Hero produces Dominance over time. You can see how much Dominance your islands have produced since your last login via the Tributes screen.
  • Winning battles. You instantly get some bonus Dominance upon winning a battle with a result of 100%.
  • Vault of Hephaistos. Each chest in the Vault has a chance to contain Dominance.
  • Opening chests. Daily chests and most other chests can sometimes also contain a bit of Dominance.

Your Dominance will never decrease. There is no way to lose it and you won’t actually “spend” it when unlocking something which requires Dominance.


How do I unlock Monster Units?

The Monster Units are unlocked by beating each Monster’s special missions. These missions are available as soon as you unlock the island area which is home of the particular monster. Each mission can be played as many times as you want until you manage to beat it. When a mission was beaten, the corresponding island will become a regular island which can be taken over by other players.


To unlock the Medusa, you must discover the Gorgon Reef area and beat all 5 Medusa missions.

  • What are Divine Blessings?

Divine Blessings are timed bonuses to your regular troops or structures that make them stronger and give them unique abilities. Divine Blessings are only available to players that are in an Alliance.


  • How do I activate Divine Blessings?

Divine Blessings can be activated by an Alliance Leader or General in the Alliance menu by clicking on the Divine Blessings card.  The gold that is required will be taken from the Alliance treasury and the Blessing will be available to all players that are member of the Alliance afterwards. 

Regular Alliance Members can also activate the Divine Blessings manually for their entire Alliance but will have to purchase them for real money or Gems. In this case, no Alliance Gold will be used to activate the Blessing.  

As your Alliance rises in level, additional and more powerful Divine Blessings will become available. Every time a new Divine Blessing is unlocked, it is also activated for free immediately. This does not apply for new levels of existing Blessings, only for entirely new Blessing types!


  • How do I prolong/upgrade Divine Blessings?

Divine Blessings can be upgraded using Alliance gold. Upgrading a running Blessing will not only make it stronger, but prolongs its running time!

The maximum level to which a Divine Blessing can be upgraded is determined by your Alliance’s level. 

Just like with their initial activation, Divine Blessings can be upgraded by regular Alliance Members once they are active using real money or Gems.