Behemoth cham. 4 freezing

Device: Nokia Lumia 635 Win 8.1: version 3.9.2 Name Phillip Yabut

I’ve attempted to run this map at least 8 times at this point, every time I reach the second corner the game locks up. Just spamming troops doesn’t help and neither does going it alone. Hopefully it isn’t a difficult problem to fix. Getting past more dungeon floors is kinda important.


Finally got it to work earlier after another 3 freezes in the same spot, using werewolves seemed to fix it somehow. I removed, ogres from third slot I think it was.

In the future, to fix problems quicker, you should send a request ticket to flaregames support:

It’s better to shake your phone and deal with yourself how to wait a week for a response with no impact on it. THEY WILL OPERATE CORRECTLY FROM THEIR SIDE.