Being able to see how strong our defense is

I’m big on tower defense and although I’m just level 52 I feel like my defense is very well put together. I wish I could get an outside view of my tower’s defense to know where I truly stand.

You want someone to rate your base or addition of the replay features in the game ?

I don’t really care to see it, I just want to know where my defense stands when other players see my base

I take it that you are aware of the “test your defense” feature? It lets you raid your base and see how your defense holds up. Also, I am sure that there are people on the forums that would be more than willing to “test raid” your base.





Could someone please rate my base. My kings name is MaxIsle.

Hi Maxlsle, tried to visit your base but search came back “no player found”??

scrtmkicker 2800 or so

yeah 2819 trophys

please pm me your ingame name ill take a look even if its low i should be able to give you a few pointers

Yeah, i was inactive for a while but it’ll reappear on 3rd October.

Yes I am aware I attack my own base all the time I just want to see how well my base is compared to others when it comes to medal ratings

Can someone please test my base because I’m never sure if its good enough



You can PM killemog , my farm upgrading can’t help for now



Lower kings will see 600+ medals and higher will see 400 and less. Your level king should see about 500 medals. If you are mid game then the top 1000 might see as low as 200 where they can solo your base.

One way of knowing is to find a base which gives you 600 medals, raid it and see how far you can get. If you can just beat it and you get the same result with your base then a similar level king should see 600 medals from you which is really good. But if you can beat your base more easily than the former then its average. But if you cant beat your base and you beat the 600 medal then you have an exceptional base.

As previous posters said, a base is never “good enough”. Not even when you have all towers maxed out, then you’ll start fiddling with the design, and the design can also make or break a base. See how your base withstands the attacks of people around your level. If you are beaten constantly, then the answer is no, it is not good enough.


Higher level not only have native higher health/attack but a choice of better equipment as well. In some cases, good enough to withstand 4-5 last level fb towers at the same time. Just to give you an idea, I can see 0 trophies and 31 medals from Atlas1000 base.

I have a pretty good idea how strong my base is. When I go against it myself I die constantly and I’m a lvl60 my base design is pretty good one more upgrade n I’ll have all towers.

Hey guys can someone look at my base design and give any tips my in game name is Legends craft

Thanks guys

Legends craft

From the base preview, your defense overally looks quite solid. Only thing I really miss there are some more arblasters, as those have long range and deal high damage, which would work out well with your choke points and path overlap.

For more details, I’d have to raid your base… though, as you’re “only” (no offence!) lvl 56 and at 2.8k trophies, I’m not sure how much I can say about it as I probably can beat the base no matter how well it is crafted.



#Edit: Ok, just tried it out now, and as expected won with 58 seconds left. I went in with heal, bladestorm and sonic blast, arblasters, ogres and cannons.

I noticed that the last two blockades were attackable across path overlap with bladestorm, so I was able to wipe out both of them without any delay for my hero. Your mummies felt quite weak, I guess they’re only lvl 2 or so? Until you have at least lvl 3 for those, I really suggest replacing (some of) them with arblasters or archers. Also, as your most intensively used troop types are, in descending order, gargoyles, mummies, mortars, ogres, frosters, I decided to bring ogres as they’re strong against blunt damage from your gargoyles and ogres, and deal a lot of damage to mummies. By having more piercing damage from arblasters/archers, you could have used the path overlap to decimate my ogres, but without them they were quite effective and just smashed their way through the base.

Some of the snake towers (I think there was one right after the first 180° left turn?) got taken out by my cannons before my hero even got there. Hence, you might try moving the snake towers to places that can’t be reached by cannons much earlier than by the hero, as this quite eliminates the danger they mean for the hero.

Moreover, there are several spots where the hero can take out at least 2 towers with one (sonic blast) spell. Just from looking at the preview screen, I see 3 places with each 2 towers directly next to each other on a straight path. 2 of those 3 spots don’t even have a blockade to hold back the hero. And another spot (bottom left corner of your base) has another 3 towers, which can be destroyed by 1 sonic blast after clearing the blockade in front of the corner. Consider spreading out your towers a bit more to slow down the hero’s progress by requiring more cooldowns to take the towers down.

Right, so we become more aware of the enemy defenses’ troops, as the leftmost unit = most morale points allocated overall.


Erma… What about the towers? Is it by range? A little enlightenment please, and thanks in advance!