Being attacked while online?

For some reason my base can be attacked even when online. Even when i’m raiding people are still able to raid me. May I know why that is the case?
I’ve asked my friends to attack me (real attack, not testing defenses) and they are able to attack me while i’m online.

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Hi Aero,
This should not be possible. Moving this to the bug section. Please provide your in-game name.
Thank you!

This isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

When a player is online for too long (I can’t remember the exact duration, but I think it’s 4 hours), then you can get attacked even when you are online. The ‘feature’ gets reset the next day.

@Madlen I remember you answered this question before on another player’s question, stating that it is to avoid players abusing the fact that they can stay online forever to not get attacked.

4 hours continuously or the breaks count too???.. for e.g. if i am online 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, and if i open this game again in the evening, is there a chance i can get attacked in the evening even when i am online???

I don’t really mind getting attacked, but it’s a weird (or in the second though, an amazing) feature…

He didn’t mention his online time though. Maybe he could give more details :slight_smile:thanks.

I don’t think @LacunaC meant a cumulative time… but consecutive.

So it would be 4 consecutive non-stop hours without logging off (at least it’s what makes sense).

It’s collective, not consecutive.

Otherwise players will just logout every 3 hours and the feature won’t be triggered.

4 hours is just my guess. I can’t remember the duration neither do I know how long it takes to ‘reset’ before the feature stops, i.e. no longer open to attack while being online.

Maybe Madlen can enlighten on these details instead.

yes, exactly… it should be collective… otherwise, player will play for few hours and close the game for about 5 minutes and again start to play… If it’s true that there is a limit to count of hours we can stay open in game, it only makes sense if it’s collective…

If that’s the case, I am open to everyone to be attacked… :joy::joy::joy: I am in-game for almost 8-10 hours regularly… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


So if I logout every N minutes I’m still subject to this feature?

Weird, so weird. I didn’t expect that one, but it’s fine.

I usually have some breaks in between.

Hey guys, I haven’t denied or confirmed anything :wink:
Just asking questions for now.

The one thing LacunaC is referring to I think is that I did confirm in the past is that we have a force log-off which users often run into in Conquest if they are online for longer than a certain amount of time.