Bela collector cheat

As per official announcement it should last 3 days but now it’s off… What kind of gaming company flare is…  :angry:

Yep, first the event started unannounced & now it ends a day earlier…

but didn’t it end on Friday (today)? As mentioned in the announcement.


This was posted on Wednesday noon, you do the math:

Starting today and lasting for three days, join the Bela Collector event and get ready for these awesome bonuses:

It depends on how you count. Going by actual 24h cycle it is probably 2 days. But counting days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday is 3 days. I don’t see anything wrong with the statement. It’s just nitpicking.

E.g. If I say I am gone for 3 days starting today (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), it by no means translates to excactly 72 Hours. I go on Friday and come back on Sunday. Everyone understands it that way, this way is commonly used.

Not so sure why you are so angry about it. I don’t think it was misleading in anyway. Well, it’s my opinion, if you feel, misled I think this thread will make FG aware.

Here’s the math: Wednesday morning event starts. Thursday morning, it has been one day. Friday morning, two days. So technically the event was over three days but only lasted for 48 hours

Pal collector event usually active for 2 days so this time. I don’t know whether it’s intentional or mistake from @Archimedes. He counted 3 days as the event starting today (6 Dec), next day (7 Dec), and the day after tomorrow (8 Dec) => there’s three word “day” here. However, if we counted the real value, it’s only 48 hours or just 2 days. Just like what Korean people count their age, we can’t say it’s wrong, because that’s their believe and they have reason to do something like that.

It depends on each person perspective. However, as it’s international game, I think he should make it global and clear words for that official announcement e.g with date: “the event will start from 6th to 8th December 2017” so there’s no misunderstanding like this again by some people in the future.

Depending on your time zone, the event never spanned over 3 days.

yep, exactly right. It may just be the way that he counts. It’s just a simple misunderstanding. No problem @Archimedes:grinning:

Indeed, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

As FG is a german company, e.g. if people say they go on a 3 day vacation (like school trips) it’s usually:

1st day you meet up and go. Later on that day you arrive at that location.

2nd day is full day at vacation location.

3rd day is wake up, get breakfast and go home.

Still it is called 3 days and it never actually spans the whole duration of 72 hours.

Same logic applies other trips as well. The day it started with is counted and the day you go home is also counted as a whole day.

Seriously, no big deal. Could they have made it more specific? Sure, as people already mentioned by using the dates. But the way it was mentioned is not wrong. At best a little misleading. Honestly 100% of my alliance got it as “it ends on friday”. Probably only a few people misunderstood it. This really isn’t a topic to get so worked up over.

I think FG probably got it and will most likely not use “days again”.

It’s crazy that Flare doesn’t simply provide specific start/finish times for events, but it’s also crazy that they can’t reliably tell us what events are going to be - or even pick a specific time that they will tell us.  I wish they’d take a cue from games like Puzzle and Dragons which have many scheduled events every single day (some on rotation, some daily, some last for days/weeks, etc).