Bela pal...a mirage?

I don’t know how many of you have Bela the bat as pal. But also i don’t know how many of you actually use it. For the short time i used her, she was “good” only in that moment of her ability, rest is like meh…I can’t find her useful. What’s your opinion?

Maybe increasing the duration of life drain would make her more useful?

From what I’ve seen of Bela, she looks…okay. The life drain ability is cool, but then again, life drain is always known to be worse than heal. The life drain ability is worse than Tammy’s Heal, so why use Bela over Tammy?

cuz bela also do that your enemies fight for you, like the zombies. once u get the monk it’s very useful…

Completely useless. Second-most useless pal after Growl.

lol yeah, Growl is like a 1 million times worse Aki, and Aki is only a little better than Bela! LOL

you mean that 1% chance? lol


and yes regarding growl its intimidation it’s like it doesn’t exist

Hello, Aki has been rebalanced a few weeks ago, it is super useful now:

We will take a closer look into Growl and Bela as well.

@FTB your video proves the inbalance of the units. Aki much more better? He confused a few Skeletons in your Video. Impressive.

For the Pro-Paladin, it took you over 1 Minute to spawn a Stone-Dragon who does literelly nothing besides flying.

But I like the improvements on Shock and Archimedes. :slight_smile:

stone dragon is kinda stupid.i mean it stuns the enemy nd small chance to petrify?not to b rude @FTB stun is garbage if not timed right,nd the stone dragon doesn’t do anything besides taking away my most damage dealing paladin…

regarding has  pretty amazing ability bt ruined by the low magnitude.increase the chance to turn units into zombies nd make life drain as an aura or make the life drain work on structures.

I agree bela is useless, but why is everyone thinking it’s a girl?

Bella, certainly seems feminine but Bela I believe is a reference to the original actor who played Dracula.  Bela was a man, Dracula, hence I would regard the bat bela as a male.  

Maybe FTB can confirm Bela’s name origins and gender ?

yes, there was a post concerning the gender of the bat when it first came out. I believe it was @JiggleFizziks who pointed out that Bela was the name of the actor of Dracula

I can confirm she is a girl - just lifted her skirt.

Thank you! It baffled the hell out of me how can you NOT make the connection between a vampire bat and the ultimate Dracula, given they have the exact same name (I bet no one got the references in the items of the festival we got Bela in either). I’m pretty close to borrowing Maerique’s pet-name for flare to refer to people making a Bella out of Bela. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see you, sir, are hardcore. Try checking under Granny’s skirt next, if you dare.

You would be surprised @JiggleFizziks. Ever asked yourself, where all these little Kaisers are coming from?