Bela Pal & Offense Beast buff

Hi there,

We are thinking about buffing Bela Pal & Offense Beast:

  • We want to increase the duration, the range and the strength of Bela’s Lifedrain spell.
  • The amount of damage and the damage type of its normal attack as well as the infect chance are up for debate also.

What’s your take on this? Any further ideas?

Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you!

Good to hear! I think the Infection-Rate is Ways to low. Compared to the Horko`s Gloves Bela nearly never infects an enemy.

Bela is a terrible pal and, after Growl was buffed, it became the worst pal. Certainly hope you guys can do something to make this pal seem worthwhile

Next on the list would then be Eldrak. ?

I liked that, thank you. I love this pal.

I want these changes in Bela :-

1.  As said above, more range and duration of Lifedrain.

2.  More increased poison damage in both normal and special attack.

3.  Incresed chances of infecting enemy and when infected enemy dies then nearby enemies ( in a good range) should be either poisoned, instantly die or futher get infected. It is ‘either’ so every enemy doesn’t get same thing, there is probability of different things to each enemy.

4.  Like Archimedes also needs this, one basic thing is that Bela should be able to damage Firebolt & Lightining tower also.

5.  Well special ability of Bela doesn’t have any effect on Towers and Obstacles like other pals have. So make something that damages and like it could hypnotise towers just for few seconds or for few damges to enemy units.

6.  This is one thing we need that Bela doesn’t help in restoring health when there is no enemy but obstacles & towers. So do something about it.

This makes a Bela much much better pal.

yes Bela is extremely weak.

the infection or black magic chance rate is extremely low.

lifedrain is also very weak.


I am really confused.

Is this your plan to bring back more fun and attraction in this game?  

Buffs of Archimedes and Bela? The most needless pals in game! 

Hmm, confusing towers to fire on their own units would sure be something different.

Honestly, improvements to the Lifedrain spell are welcome but you should just focus on improving the infect ability. It’s the best thing about Bela, but it just never works!

Just fix that, and I believe it would be enough to make Bela strong

Because that ability is so awesome and powerful, I would say it’s even worthy of being on a Pro pal if working decently.

Also, not related to buff but, it would be good to have more info on Bela’s status description too,

currently, it only shows Damage, Range, Attack Rate and Lifedrain. It doesn’t even mention that the pal has an infect ability!

Similar to others, I think the infect rate should be something more stand-out about Bela. Bela is meant to be an anti-troop pal and that would make her both more iconic and do her role better. As mentioned by another the amount of healing and effectiveness of Bela is almost none while there are no troops around, but increasing that infection rate can help fill the void by being able to steal troops more often to make up where she lacks.

Start with the infection please, then look at rounding out other places if you pick anything.

Somewhat off-topic but I see y’all really want me to once again go into a rant/tirade about why Bela has that particular name and why it isn’t female. Bela ≠ Bella. Come on, people, we’ve been through this already.

Thanks everyone, we have made our decisions. I will keep you in the loop when we are ready to announce the date and what changes will come.