Bela the Useless

I was just thinking, if there are some plans to improve Bela somehow? Besides the blood drain ability which is simply useless because it drains not enough to survive a single figth, the zombification seems to be totally non-working (hm, ok, I turned one Ogre in 17 fights to my side).

Felt same here, orko. I get him in a pal chest few days ago and tried it in offense. The both pal and offense beast version seems useless in offense as they did not make big changes in gameplay.

Conclusion: Bela = Showcase pal

(hope they will buff these pals in future= Growl, Howl, Janus too)

she also cant attack towers- right now meaningless pal

Bela isn’t a she, foxy. I’ve wasted enough time explaining it when they introduced…him…it…

At any rate, I’ve used Bela for a bit, mostly during non-challenge raids like ninja, and while it was somewhat useful, it certainly doesn’t compare to actually useful pals. I understand they didn’t turn the abilities very high for sake of balance but the result is that no one uses the pal. Definitely needs to be made stronger.

I want to thank you for making this Pal useful with the latest Buff. I recommend to try Bela together with the Stun-Spell (which I did not find useful either before) - it will drastically increase the Zombies you will have in your Army.  :slight_smile:

:heart:Bela loves the praise :wink:

Bela the ? is so cute ?

but not dangerous like Niddhog, Irmgard, Kaiser, Fritz or all pro pals.

Maybe it helps when the life drain intervall is more often. 

I test her after changes and see not really a big difference. 


@Madlen is there a Chance to win Nemesis in a Event? My private Zoo miss this unique pal ??


The change in Bela is very noticeable. The life drain power is much better than it used to be. I wouldn’t suggest using Bela as your main pal, but at least he’s better than he used to be, and 100% more useable

@AwesomestKnightest  i try at bases Player Level 120-130 and with Bela and there is no way … then i change pal and its possible…


Yes, I’d definitely suggest using a pal with high firepower instead of Bela. Fritz, Irmgard, Kaiser, Janus, or Aska. Any of those are better than Bela

Maybe with work is possible to get all general pal are at the same strength ?

@AwesomestKnightest @Jesper I’m using Bela as my main pal, and I’m very happy with the results

In my opinion, Bela went from “the Useless” to one of the best pals in the game. I even prefer Bela over Fritz for solo raids now.

My new favorite combo is Swordrain, Bladestorm, Hammerstrike with Bela and boosted Gargoyles only!
The Lifedrain ability is super effective when there’s only the hero to be healed, he goes to almost dead to full HP in a second.

I tried with normal combos but didn’t find it as effective when there are more allies around to share the Lifedrain spell tho.

And I just found this video showing that same combo on top bases!
I knew the combo was good, but I was raiding on 4500-5000 range, didn’t know it was strong enough to beat even top bases 

Appreciate the power of new Bela:


not always and not everyone has boosted Gargoyles

I tried and Bela and Fritz with different combo and gear…, this is not my pals. better than Irmgard for me there are no pals. I hope it will not be fixed ?


share your combo




извините за offtop

Bela is that good, huh?


Try using boosted archers too, they will probably improve your combo even more. The super archer is amazingly strong against the Beast and is very useful when you’re solo raiding (which is pretty much what you’re doing right now).

I like your combo for war, I just need bomb kick aura. It's perfect ❤️@**[Invizzzible]( "Go to Invizzzible's profile")**

Nice video @Invizzzible

I used to play only with heal aura. Now I understand the working of bomb kick aura which is very useful! I’ll get one, once I have enough crystals. Thanks for the videos! It really helped a lot.


Hi Invizzzible, you may want to post this videos in the creator’s section as well (except Aion Weapon :slight_smile:

Thank you!