Benifit of using luck perk

Hi , i just want to know that is there any benefit of using luck perk. I am using 70% luck perk but i failed to open even the first chest of COF.I fight two battles with 70% luck perk and i failed to open even the first chest of COF both the time. So i want to know its benefits.

In COF there are 6 chests out of them 3 chest contains reward. The  probability of opening 1 chest is 1/6=about 16.66% , so to open 3 chest successfully we need just 50% luck. Or you can say that there are only 3 chest that contains reward so to open 1 chest successfully it needs 33.33% luck and i am using 70% luck so its must that my 2 chest in COF should be opened . What is this problem that i can’t even open a single chest.

Check Point 1 :slight_smile:

That’s not how it works. Check this link.

I got 135% it’s super! 


tops is 80%, so having 55 more does nothing

There isn’t a cap for luck perk, the cap is just set instead by the amount of items available with luck perk and their percentage %

If before the cap was 17% for a luck perk according to this topic by Lisa:


now if your hero is lvl 130 you probably get something  like 18% on some pro items (chloris helmet, apollon belt) with luck perk. 140% is possible with efforts then. And i suggest indeed to take a look to the infos on the wikia related to the luck perk with the link posted by ARREBIMBA

@oPelle, in Flothaboss’s video he made a while back he said that 80 was the max. Maybe I’m getting these exactly backwards

It means even using luck items it depends on luck to open chest successfully . It clearly specifies that using a luck perk is waste as it depends on flares mood either to give reward in COF or not.

Thanks for the information, now i can vonclude what is luck perk its waste.

Luck perk is actually one of the most important and usefull perks in the game.

And why , if 70% luck perk even doesn’t guarantee opening of atleast one chest how is it useful. It clears everything depends on flares mood.

Lol what makes you believe that… never ever was there stated such a cap no idea where people get this idea from 

3 correct chests out of 6…gives u 50% probability of getting first chest right, so if u have 70% luck perk it gives u additional 35% , so total luck of getting firsr correct cof click should be 85% , stil not 100% 

It was stated in one of FTB Videos. A very old one, when there were only 5 slots with luck perk. And with only 5 perks you could get a little more than 80%.

But as there are Way more than 5 perks available now, the old cap of 80% is a thing of the past.

oh okay, thanks for the clear up @ShiroKo