Best, a Top 100 Alliance is now recruiting

Hello Everybody!" Best" is now a Top 100 alliance and growing fast, we just reached 40 members. We are currently recruiting and we need at least one hardcore fighter who also likes to chat a lot and have fun in general. We value loyalty and we kept most of the team since before we had boosts. Advantages:- 24/7 boosted knights and barricades, and as our donation grows, we will add more. - Extremely friendly but tough and ambitious team of generals - You can take advantage of the extensive experience of some high level fighters from SK with their second accounts in Best, and if you really want to grow long term we offer coaching and a possible place in SK: United Realms when the time is right. What’s not to like? 

  • The best skull hunter in the war gets offered 1-2 days trips in our sister alliances including SK: Warriors or even SK: United Realms. (You need to be exceptional for that last one though). Acceptance criteria:  - King Level 78 and higher - Donation at least 100K - Be active, be very active - FB account is a must  - Fight hard in the wars and make minimum of 2k skulls per front. No exceptions! - Loyalty. We hate alliance jumpers as much as everybody else. If you leave for somebody else’s boosts, you’ll never be accepted back. Sincerely Sorin (IGN SorinM)


It’s the BEST alliance if you guys want to grow fast. :wink:

Good Luck For Your Alliance SORIN M

well I guess Open Team need more fund now , last time we met you guys weren’t this big

Fii, I donated everything I earned in leagues and from tapjoy via SorinM, probably 10k gems. Also my generals donated their 80th king level gems and their league income as well, and I thank them for this! We didn’t put real money in it, but everybody did their share.

I put real money in Open Team , not much.Had some generous player too but encourage them to upgrade ally tower instead.

Didnt expect Best to be competitive , I will keep Open Team casual and outside top 100 with 35 slots for a few months.



I didn’t expect it either, but I have a couple of lady generals so pushy, they left me no choice :grinning:

Yeahhhhh! We are the BEST!  :stuck_out_tongue: