Best Alliance of 2016

The BEST ALLIANCE of 2016… candidates? Nominations


I choose Genie and Master (G&M). Why?

  1. Tension free living.

  2. Contribution from all the members, because of the love shared between them.  In G&M, we appreciate the input, be in terms of donations, suggestions, tactical tips, etc. everybody contributes because they all love each other.

  3. Opportunity to grow because you are always shielded by legends of the game.

  4. Chatting paradise. Enjoy the jokes, and tips all at one time.

  5. my alliance members will complete…



You can reply and I will put your alliance names in the poll area. Needed:

1. name of the alliance

2. Why, do you think your alliance will the best?

The winner gain gems. All members of this alliance gain gems like 500 and the 2nd one 250 and 3rd one 100. I don’t think Flaregames gonna give gems for that  :stuck_out_tongue: ok maybe 20k pearls for 1st,10k 2nd and 5k for 3rd no? Ok just be proud to be in the list then  :grinning:


They should do these kinds of stuff, for players to be more proactive. As oPelle mentioned, only a few players are really contributing and beating around the bush.



An, there should be also a choice “All of the above”


I have given multiple options. Don’t believe many will participate as they are not gelled together as we all are.

Yessss! Then Genie & Master members should win 1,000 gems each… :slight_smile:

Hope FG gives those to all of us, and we can contribute to upgradations of alliance tower for the coming troop donations?



I would love to join your alliance ( genie an masters). The part about the chat attracts me the most. I like to communicate with players in the game. My present alliance is great, they have helped me in my game a lot and I have been here since I have started the game but many members do not participate in war and do not chat which makes the game a little boring for me. I just want to know if I can join your alliance and if not what will be requirements. thanks

Syed ahmed1

why your clan is not the best…1…eds jokes…2…too much self pity over unfainess in game…3…eds jokes…4…patronizing leader…5 eds jokes…one redeemong feature…you have warrionator

1 3 5 is wrong eds jokes are good


eds the man that killed the dead sea.

Heheh we love you too, Gypsy. I gotta admit I’m not into Ed’s jokes, but they’re not that bad!

eds jokes are the best

Love you Gypsy… :slight_smile: :wub:

Hail G&M… I don’t think so there are any alliance like G&M proud to be a member of it…


I dream of a re union of all member, a big party in somewhere in the world


hmm, was there a typo? should be the best joke, right?  :blink:

your weird 


Sure, Jack or Eddy can send you an invite. Let see if there is some space available.

As the leader of Genie and Master I could say that our team deserves the title of best alliance, but actualy I will do not. Titles are for show and that’s not the reason why I play.

There are many other fantastic teams out there in the game, players are not for nothing part of those alliances. So there will be a lot of teams that definitely deserve to be nominated and with nominations there is a problem, there can only be one winner. I think that would be unfair towards other teams if we pick a winner, many teams out there deserve our deepest respect.

One of our rules is that family life comes first, this is a game. Win or lose don’t matter and as a team we enjoy being a virtual family. That’s why our chat is one of the most active ones, not only talking about the game, but even over real life, jokes, you name it. It’s just fun to be there.

Fact is that players who become part of my team are very loyal ones and willing to help other players in the game. For me it’s most important that members feel free and enjoy the game.

Thanks, looking forward to it.