BEST Alliance - Recruiting

Hello everybody, please consider joining “Best” alliance for low to mid level players.



  • Above 1800 trophies;
  • 50K donation minimum;
  • Be an active player.

Not allowed:

  • Offensive language;
  • Any kind of discrimination.

How to join:

  • Searching for the alliance: BEST
  • or you can leave your king name on comments (and we will find you).


We grow very fast, and you can benefit from the experience of some veteran players who have their second accounts in there, something that you won’t find in other smaller alliances.


Our goals are two-fold and inseparable: to help every member reach their goals in the game, whatever they are, and to support the initiatives of the SK Super Alliance (SK: Warriors and SK: United Realms).


We are an united team who respects each other. If you have the same goal you are welcome.  :slight_smile:  


With very best regards




good luck out there!!

Thank you Teh!  :slight_smile:

Hello o/. Today i get an invitation to your alliance and i have question. Im playing with my friend very often and we would like to be in same alliance, is it possible to take 2 of us? my IGN is SiegeZLB (2017 trophies atm) and his is Sickie(1787 trophies atm)

If not, Angelic is open to you (: Obviously their alliance is a bit farther along, and you should choose the best alliance you can get, but our doors are open to you if not~

I’ll take a look, and will answer you soon! :grinning:

Ok, we are waiting. Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Siege, could you tell one of the generals to invite me back? I don’t think they realized that “Reconaisance mission” meant “hey, send me an invite immediately.” These Iranians and I don’t have any words in common besides “Paladin Boost” and they keep asking for a 500k ransom T.T It’s the C.I.A.'s history, but in a videogame. Get me out! ):

(kidding about the random, btw. In fact, many of the younger Iranian generation claim to be quite fascinated by the West. It is only the adults in both parts of the world who feel resentment towards one another, not the youth. As seen here, these Iranians are very nice, and I think even offered to sell us the Doom Gate. The Iranians are a very kind and cordial people. Still, though, I am homesick )=

Also, BEST, I apologize for using your thread. I have a hard time navigating PM’s >_<’ So before I go, I want to tell everyone that I have met some members of BEST, and they are very nice :wink:

@Fabi: Just a heads up, Siege and Sickie are allowed to go wherever they want, but right now they’re in Angelic. Just wanting to let you both know that if you go with BEST, I won’t hold any resentment. Nor was I trying to steal them 0: I would like to keep them, of course, but I will respect their decisions.

Thank you!