Best Heroes for Attacking

What’s the best Hero (s) for attacking enemy’s islands ?

It depends on the gear you forged and the powers you upgraded. You can make any hero good. Ajax and Artemis take the most work. You need to overforge them to compensate for major design flaws. The rest are pretty easy to get up and running.

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perseus is one of the best, easy and cheap. (for %90)

Herc/Athena are the #1 heroes, take the least work to make good, Percy is a safe option as is Caddy.

Athena has pretty low damage and doesn’t excel at anything besides casting lots of spells, so I’d say she takes more forging to be useful than Hercules, Perseus, Cadmus, Ariadne and maybe Achilles/Odysseus. You also pretty much need to buy her gem power slot (Cadmus’ gem slot is arguably not necessary, for example). But with some heavy forging and refining you end up with arguably the strongest hero, I just don’t know if it’s worth the ongoing investment for a lower level player. Some of the other heroes are cheaper to get up to speed.

The heroes that stand out to me in the current meta game are Promethius and Jason. There are just better options imo. There’s nothing really wrong with them, they just don’t do anything that other heroes don’t do better. Herc is a better glass cannon brawler than Prom, Cadmus and Ariadne are better troop heroes than Jason.

Athena has innate traits such as lightning res and stun that are pretty useful for most players, and sure you have to buy slots for heroes, but I kinda figured all being equal, like you’d use the heroes to their optimum playing ability, so 5 powers for Athena makes her a top hero.

Don’t really see Jason being that good and Prom is like you say a poor mans Herc, sure with a DR super ring, but then again who isn’t. Ariadne needs the DR super ring, as with most non shield heroes. If you have one, then it doesn’t matter.

That’s all you have to do, make a super ring with DR + CD and then any hero will be friggin’ awesome.

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I disagree on ariadne. She doesn’t need much to wipe maps. It’s way easier to outfit and play Hercules, and Athena is more powerful if you spend the time to forge (but requires you to upgrade more spells, also), but Ariadne with powerful troops can solve a lot of problems. I don’t think you need any crazy gear for her. Crazy gear never hurts, obviously, but like you said, any hero can be fine if you over-forge them.

I agree with @dumpster. If you go for troops heroes, then Ariadne and Cadmus are the cheap options. I have wiped out my map with these two with just 1 simple CD refine for both (I didn’t have the unique CD vest for Cadmus at that time).

Heracles, if you have both uniques, is the obvious cheap option if you want to go solo.

Athena, if we talk about potential, is the best hero of the game, imo. She’s already my best hero without any of her item at 5* Titan. But like Dumpster said, she needs investment. Same with Ajax and Artemis, extremely overpowered, but not recommended for starters.

I am building Prom, just for the fun (and so that I don’t need to cross the fingers for not seeing him in Odyssey, next will be Artemis for that same purpose). But I am completely agreed with Dumpster about the two “standing out” heroes. Prom is the poor man’s Heracles, just like Jason to Achilles.

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If you’re looking to level up heroes to 20, I would start with Hercules, Ariadne, and Perseus. Once those three are at level 20, I would swap Perseus for Cadmus for war purposes. Hercules is my personal favorite as he is just an absolute tank, Ariadne is great against Charon defenses, and Cadmus is my NYX defense runner because of his special power. Starting off, Cadmus is a bit dull, so until his power is evolved, I would stick with Perseus. Perseus is probably the most balanced, but he lacks the offensive capability of troop spawn heroes or heavy attack heroes… unless he has demo or frostbite gear :wink:

I would go the other way for war, I would definitely bring a fully refined Percy over Cadmus in TL anyway, a properly refined GK can kill full lvl troops in one swing, but solo heroes are 100% guarantee. Percy can be an in-between Herc/Athena, equally as good as either.

Seeing as the question was about island play, you could even bring Helen into the equation, hardly any forges need for island clearance, just have to watch the GK’s where she sux. Caddy/Athena are AP perfect for islands. Herc can be AP but need some big forges to deal quickly with troops, as AI Herc runs after spearman rather than a charon tower spawning them.

I think starting off, getting Hercules, Ariadne, and Perseus to level 20 is one of the top priorities. I wouldn’t focus on other heroes at all until those three are at 20. Am argument for any hero can be made, based on the build of gear and skills. Achilles can be OP with the right setup, but starting off he is a bit rough to play with.
I would say Hercules and Ariadne are must have heroes. Perseus can be awesome, but without the right offensive perks, he can be more of a liability. It also depends on the defense you’re attacking and the style of play.

It’s not about choosing right Heroes but about choosing right perks for a hero that matters.

Any hero can be build into an overpowered one if build with right perks.
The perks that one should focus depends upon the heroes Inbuild perks and ability.


The Bottom line, is that there is no a particular hero that overpowers others in attacking.

Herc does, he’s head and shoulders above the rest IMO. But then he is the 1st hero new players have, so I think he has to be slightly better to keep the noobs interested and not losing even with bad setups.