Best Offensive Units without Boosts

I need some tips on how to attack without boosted units.


For a while I was running with boosted knights and having great success running them with Arblaster and Cannon support. But lately my alliance hasn’t been boosting our knights and without the boost they’re just not a good basis for leading an attack.


I tried Arblaster and Cannon forces but they’re just too slow, always lagging behind and arriving at the gates without time to finish things. I’ve also found that without a solid melee force my king takes a lot more damage since the towers tend to focus my King more. Mummies are good when boosted but without the boost they tend to drop too quickly.


Any tips on how to lead a better attack force without boosts? My king currently has 5.9k leadership.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

It might be good to know the levels of your troops, as well as the rough lvl of your king and your trophy level, because at different lvls, different units and combos are effective :grinning:


I know that I liked attacking with frosters back when I was a bit lower and before our alliance started boosting units. 

keep upgrading troops and spells

If you want to do raid without elite boosts, even if it’s very difficult currently since in the game the bases layouts are projected to support Elite Boosts troops/tower in mid-high level bases and no more normal troops, i suggest you to use Knight, Froster and Arblaster always in your arsenal.


Knight not as main protagonist but as alternative in the meantime Froster and Arblaster thanks to their high range do damage to the other opposite enemies units. Best thing is use it with Shield spell and stay also in the center of this nice group of knights to avoid some hits by towers or other things. You will see also that more knights you have in your raids spawned less damage also you will receive from other things since your knights will protect you as second shield.


Froster has been always the best units that can be used on both side (attack and defence): in attack because it slows down everything (towers, enemies’ troops, blockade) and in defence is pretty good put it in each wave in a way to make lose some few seconds to the king. However in attack is prefarable use Shield or Heal Spell on it due to its low health and high vulnerability to various damage types. Also thanks to its low morale points (only 3 to spawn it) it a good unit to use!


Arblaster has the same problem with Froster that is the health and various weakness especially poison, you will need only a shot of mortar and all your arblaster die in 1 hit so it’s prefarable also in this case use as spell a nice Shield to protect it more and do live longer it. But thanks to its high range (5.5) can be used especially on the chokepoints you can find in most of bases currently (for example L shape design, N bases, etc.)


So i sugges you these 3 troops (Knight, Froster, Arblaster) to do some raids, however you will find unfortunately that will be difficult also with them sometimes since as said at start now elite boosts take the command and it’s difficult win elite boosts bases without elite boosts. You have to play with same coin now  :slight_smile:

That’s a good subject indeed, since we don’t all have pockets full of gems !


I concurr with you on the use of frosters, it’s also my main attack troop, but knights being powerless at chokepoints and arbalesters at a 50% disadvantage, I don’t agree with their use.


I’d rather favor the use of cannons, which are often the only way to pass a skull-tower choke-point (if you don’t use Blizzard, that is).


Then, instead of wasting your last minute putting useless troops on the ground which will never get to the Gate, why don’t use Mummies ? They are great meat-shield and their stun ability is handy when faced with a lot of troops.



Yes true my arsenal is set-up more for low-mid gameplays and it works pretty good with a link of Shield. 


Also i didn’t suggest Monsters since they require lot of morale points to be spawned (like Mummy or Ogre or Werewolf) and i don’t know if 5.9K of PKGT can bear this rate, especially if you find a base with lot of DPS where you need to spawn many troops to be equal or more with the damage did and receive, it’s not easy. However i suggested Knight according also his levels of units.


But surely mummy works good with its stun effect, for example when you have many towers or troops in a curve you can cast your mummy and let it stun everything and only then attack as fast as possible everthing around you.


Cannons work properly too, but it is very weak and die very fast too as also other troops if not boosted. I want to underline that most probably he doesn’t find all these skull towers everywhere like a high player can meet, i think in my opinion a setup of troops if used with Shield spell can work, also because now it’s currently difficult decide which type of troop put in your setup since many bases have always 1-2 elite boosts activated in mid-gameplays.

Lots of great tips so far, thanks for your insight guys! I’ll try working in some frosters and see how that goes.


On the topic of mummies, I know they’re a great late game unit so I’d like to ask:


At what level of morale should one start incorporating mummies into their attacks? Boosted and Unboosted. Does it make a difference?

I would say starting with 8.000 leadership you can start thinking to spawn mummy when you need it.


Normal Mummy : Must be used carefully since you must may know that you have just spend 14 morale points for nothing if you leave it dies immediately without being able to do something concrete. So cast it when you are alone and you met a large group fo enemies’ units, in this way enemies units will take care of the mummy for a few seconds thanks to its high health and you can restore some health and also the cooldown of spells.


Surprise Mummy : i personally use it in any case just to have many knights then when it dies. However it’s important spawn it for example when you are in difficult cases like long chokepoints in L shape base designs where most probably the opposite king will have put range tower that can reach your side (bomb towers or skull towers), and if you spawn also 1-2 of them you can be protected by their knights in the meantime you run all the straight path. Another essential case is when you are in front of a Doom Gate (Elite Castle Gate) since you are aware that will throw many bomb and some of them (skull bombs) will kill deadly your troops in 1 shot), you can cast the mummy and left it dies and then use its knights to destroy the gate as fast as possible. Surprise Mummy should stun things twice faster althought it doesn’t stun if it doesn’t meet troops/towers/obstacles.

Regardless of the level there is no troop that can get to the gate in less than a minute (wolf can but unboosted wolf is not that good), so i suggest start spawning mummies when you have less than a minute to finish your raid.

Froster is one of the best unboosted troops there is so you should definitely use it.

Choose your last troop taking into consideration your enemies bases. Although as opelle suggested is good to use knights with shield spell to take less damage.

Pkgt, at 2500 trophies I used knight archer and cannon.your knight and cannon lvl are what mine were if your archer was 8 or 9 would be a good combo.let out a bunch of knights then a few archers a cannon and repeat.and I used to use sheild, sword and blade I didnt have sonic yet well worked for me.everybodys different u cant be wrong just practice against your alliance members till u get a good combo of troops and spells.good luck and have fun.

I believe froster is the one 

Ogre + archer works best unboosted. Ogres can hit anything, are tanky enough to behind, and do blunt damage. They’ve basically replaced paladins. Archers, then, are resistant to what Ogres are weak to, so you’ll never be overrun by other archers.

I strongly disagree with a lot of suggestions here.

The indispensable unit, the only one, is the froster. Slowing everything by at least a factor of two means that the base is half as hard.

And sometimes your frosters do kill as a bonus.

For the rest take the longest ranged troops, meaning arbalesters and cannons depending on the base you fight.

Remember the battle of crecy and the bloody English archers who decimated the heavy french cavalry certainly much stronger.

But once you ressemble a porcupine you certainly lack strength !

AND always use mummies, because troops near you trumps troops far behind you on your last minute.

As simple as that.

But let’s keep it a secret …

my suggestion would be frosters,pyromancers and knight (well it least it worked for me when i was a low level king)

frosters to slow down enemy units and taking care of blockades

pyromancers to take care of firebolt towers and barricades, and also to cause panic to low level troops

knights so that enemy units focus on them and not the mages


spells use swordrain sonic blast(if upgraded to level 4-5 if not use firestorm) shield

using shield most units will survive and reach the gate


test it on your base and see if its good or not


good luck