Best Pal and Guardian

As the title goes, any experienced player willing to supply possible best pals and guardians?

lets see…

best pal: Phoebe, Nemesis… Nidhogg, Irmgard, Hans, and bela… If you have none, tammy is good too…

best guardian: gaspar(for killling CP), sultan, trusty, donkey…

Is advisor guardian bad? Among the 3 latter guardians you listed, what are their strengths and weaknesses? Is Tammy better or Bucky?

i am not a fan of advisor, but there are some high level players who prefer advisor as guardian because of her scroll special abilities (mainly time wrap)…

i prefer tammy over bucky… but now i have Phoebe unlocked, so i use phoebe only… previously, i used tammy even when i had bucky…

Gaspar is great for killing beasts… even at lvl 1, it slays beasts with utmost ease… Sultan’s ability is specially perfect for achieving 100% victory… Sultan kills every other beast with ease except for Celestial Phoebe, and it’s ability destroys all the towers within range… if someone has towers around their castle gate, sultan destroys either sides’ towers at one go of his special ability, then you have to change side and it lasts long enough to destroy towers on the other side… Donkey is of course great for running past CP (and jester box and strong towers) and reach the castle gate to destroy it… Trusty has great range and damage…

Best Pals
Nemesis, Ceres, Fritz

Best Guardians
Donkey, Trusty, Advisor, Sultan

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I miss Janus as pal. Thar pal is doing great when you have tons of morale and pal flute not well forged yet. Otherwise of course Ceres (beast).

for me this are the best:

in fight:
Aska, Nemesis, Ceres, Fritz

in case - special use:
Kaiser, Hans

Phoebe, Howl, Bucky, Growl, Kaiser

and my guard ranking:

Trusty, Donkey, Sultan, Gaspar, Advisor, G-5000, Goruc

Let me tell you what are best. These came up with my experience in battles.
Best Pal in regular battles: Fritz, Ceres or Nemesis, if you have it.
Pest Pal in Dungeons: Fritz (people say), I love Irmgard.

Best Guardian: Trusty, Sultan. No other guardians can take their place.

Pals for me are Hans or Irmgard
Guardians are Trusty, Gaspar or Y3