Best Pro Beast?

What is best pro Beast to buy/have and why? 

Eres - 15,000 Crystal cost

Phoebe - 20,000 Crystals

Ceres - 25,000 Crystals

Janus - 25,000 Crystals

Nemesis - 150,000 Crystals



I think Ceres is best for personal use due to his morale clone of your troops.  Can accumulate a huge army more quickly.  Others have good points but I keep coming back to Ceres.

Yes ceres is in my opinion the only useful pro pet. If you haven’t used it yet you might feel very comfortable with it. As the nerf doesn’t affect you much as you haven’t got the feel of it’s strength before the nerf.

Janus is the best pro pal for me. You can call troops near the hero and you choose which troops. Janus can also turn enemies to stone with high chance.

Did you mean Pal? Or is it really Beast?

Best Pro- BEAST:
Celestial Phoebe, undoubtedly. It’s the only good one actually.

Best Pro- PAL:
Ignoring the overpriced Nemesis, the Pro-Pals power is actually kind of equivalent to their prices.
So the order from best to worse would be: Ceres, Janus, Phoebe, Eres, Nemesis

Every team with a pro beast has chosen Celestial Phoebe. I don’t think I have come across any other other pro beast outside of festivals and pro cups. Phoebe is a real beast when your hero is a high level.

But don’t bother investing as Flare will probably nerf it anyway!


It’s a final between Phoebe and Nemesis.

Definitely Phoebe if you’re going for the beast. It’s cheaper and it’s the most deadly

If you’re going for a pal, then definitely go for Ceres or Janus

Pals: Ceres makes shadow copies of your troops and those troops bypass lightning towers…something to remember when compared to Janus…

Beasts: Phoebe till some mad people out there will show me Nemesis…

Some spanish and vietnamese alliances unlocked Ceres too.

Ceres could be an interesting pro beast and at lvl 1 seems stronger than a lvl 1 Howl.