Best rewards for the last Titan chest in Odysseys


It is difficult to play the odysseys in level 12, more than anything when playing with Artemis and Ajax, in these cases I have a hard time getting the 375 weekly fame points. My complaint is that when I open the last chest I always get garbage. Why do not they make the rewards of this chest better? I do not know, I can think of items 4 * and items Titan 5 *. I do not ask or want unique items, I want something that is really useful for my effort, just something according to the effort of the player, because we are several who reach this last chest and we are very disappointed. I say if the last war chest has things better than the others, because the odyssey does not?

or why not create a special chest that is given to whom  achieved the 375 weekly fame points?


We will improve the Odyssey Chests along with the next version.


If odyssey chest also contains four ? items or five star titan items , wouldn’t that be awesome feature?


A chest purely with cursed items would be nice - not sure why I’m commenting though as I’ve never got more than 3 titans in a single oddessy!


@CaptainMorgan i haven’t seen four star item or five star titan item in titan sea chests since update. Are you sure titan sea chests now contains four star items?


I’ve gotten some, so they are activated.

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Yes, I can confirm that this is activated. The “higher” Sea Chests are more likely to be better.