Best spells

What combination of spells is the best

Depends on base, overall level of gamrplay etc.

At top lvl, currently shield - blizzard - sonic blast seems to be the most used combo, with some people using other spells like hammerstrike, swordrain, firestorm or bladestorm in addition to that combo.

Sonic Blast, everybody uses.

Blizzard is the best offensive spell once Skull Towers are available, which they are throughout 80% of the game.

Shield is necessary near the top level gameplay. However, it replaced by another offensive spell /at/ the top level… That being said, once you’ve gotten there, you already have all spells maxed anyway (:

As said, don’t worry about the other spells. You’ll have plenty of time to max them before they become useful again (:

Most, not everybody! :grinning:

Since you are asking this question so I am assuming you are new player.i suggest you to upgrade hammerstrike and firestorm which are easily available and are very powerful.especially firestorm which gonna help you at all levels.the best part about hammerstrike is its cool down period and best thing about about firestorm is its decreasing cool down period and increasing range as soon as you start upgrading it above level 10.these two spells can beat the crap out of any base upto 2000 trophy range and as you upgrade them more those two will become helpful at higher level also.I personally didn’t find any use of sonic blast till I crossed 3000 cups.

If you have all three spell slots open I suggest you to use hammerstike+swordrian+firestorm combination.hammerstrike deal blunt damage and is helpful against any towers and units.swordrian will help you to kill range units like archers,frosters,pyromancers,airblasters and monsters like gargoyle,ogre.firestorm will take care of barricades,firebolt towers,arrow towers,bomb towers,knights,palladins,frosters,mummy,frost towers,airblasters,archers.

I know you will say how firestorm can deal damage to palladins and bomb towers.but I suggest you to upgrade it and see has hidden talent:)

Good luck bro…enjoy:D