Best Strategy Ever Used by You

Hi Guys,      

           Many high level, medium level, and low-level players play this Tower offense and Defense game.

There are many strategies one must have used to tackle a situation. Why not share it here. Maybe it will be a guide for many to:

  1. Set up his unique path (and not follow a conventional path)

  2. Set up his wave units

  3. Attack others

  4. Raid the Dungeon levels

  5. Set up Alliance Strategy (on how to attack)

All the best!!


Have you ever looked into the forum section

There are soooo many guides, strategies and tips everywhere.

You also have a lot of videotutorials, video walk throughs, video comparisons…

E.g. Flothaboss and Jason Wivart on youtube

Yes, there is a section for that. But this is devoted to that special strategy one uses (his personal experiences). He may or may not agree with what is thrown at him, until and unless he/she tries it. Some prefer to use archers in defence as compared to arbs. Some prefer cannons rather than monsters, and the list goes on.

It is sharing one’s personal exp.