Best tower clustering?

How far away from each other your towers are, matters. If you put 3 towers together, all 3 fall. And even when you put a space between each tower, they still take out 2 at a time.

At my speed, the best strategy is to have 2 towers, then a space. The attacker is going to destroy 2 towers anyway, so eliminating one of the spaces has no real consequence.

In a straight path, I’ve found that the most efficient order to have is:

Skull, space, Bomb Tower, Barricade + Firebolt.

This way, the Bomb Tower recieves last of the SB, leaving it with a ton of health. The Barricade gets the very end, and is hardly damaged. The Firebolt, then, cannot be hit through the barricade which has immediately stopped the hero.

However, bases don’t have quite that much space. So, to the experienced players, what are your clustering strategies?

Not sure if there’s any simple general rule, but let’s try… some tips: 

  1. Try to avoid clustering whenever you don’t have a certain plan in mind for why you want to use it.

  2. Also, whenever you use clustering, make sure to test the base layout (and if possible, also let alliance members test it), to see whether your plan actually works and whether the advantage outweighs the clustering weaknesses. 

  3. Try to minimize clustering weaknesses by using different types of structures, if possible, when you know you will have to have some clustering somewhere. For example, alternating across-path bomb and skull towers can be better than placing many across-path skull towers close together, as with alternating towers, a blizzard spell can’t hit multiple skull towers, and does only little damage to bomb towers. 


Examples for “plans” with clustering can be: 

  1. “Trap designs” (attackers think “oh clustering, easy base!” and then get surprised by something flattening their army). 

  2. Clustering of firepower in places where the attacker can’t directly hit the cluster with spells (e.g. across path overlap firebolts or distant long range bomb towers), so that the cluster can deal a lot of damage over a long time before the player can finally reach and attack the cluster. 

  3. Overwhelming the enemy: Clustered towers, spike traps and heavy fire from across path overlap towers, wave troops etc, just deal a TON of damage, making it hardly possible for the attacker to pass this point (e.g. chokepoint). Then, the player will have a hard time to “exploit” the cluster weaknesses, and generally has an increased chance of dying/failing your base before he passes the cluster point. 

I like your chokepoint strategy. This sounds especially true if you can get mummies and arbs into the chokepoint, and have cannons eating away at your army from behind.

Keep in mind, I’m running my tests in a vacuum =P

Testing inside vacuum? oO

Ohh, I see… you removed air resistance to balance the recent unit/king slowdown bugs? :wink:

I wouldn’t test my base in a vacuum if I were you.  I have enough trouble with my units dying from poison and fire; no need to add risk of suffocation :grinning:

But skulls can fly farther, too o_0 I think that space would be an interesting environment to fight in…

They could fly further, but without gravity they’d never hit the ground as skull towers shoot upwards!


And I guess, cannons would be quite funny as well - their cannon balls might lift the hit unit or structure up into the air, and the knockback from the shot might ditch the cannon way back without gravity and air resistance… 



Anyway, back on topic, one thing I noticed in your initial post: 

I know that a lot of medium and even some high level players use the firestorm spell. This one, on high levels, has an increased range that is sufficient to actually hit firebolts through barricades. Sure, the “average attacker” doesn’t have firestorm at the top, but at slightly lower levels this might be a relevant factor to consider. :grinning:

Tower clustering is always vulnerable to Apocalypse/Armageddon Scrolls. On the plus side, free gems  :wink:

I’ve found that for gems, no tower + Mummies and Frosters works best. Many have to scroll just to kill them (^/)^)

Tanks for the defence tips!