best troops in defensive waves

hi there friends.

I just wanted to know what troops I can include in my waves to make my defence stronger.Most players who attack me cant complete my 100% base.Only completes 30-40%.But I want to reduce this %.I am really confused about the troops I should use in defence.All my waves have 16 morale.

your help will be highly appreciated.


The troops you use in defence depends of your alliance boosts. The most effective troops in defence are: Ogres,Wolves,Arbs and frosters. BUT,if your alliance keep up the cannon boost,cannons are strong too. In my oppinion the Ogre-Wolve combo is the best(as i said if both troops are boosted)

Hope this helped you!

Troop choice also depends on the path you have. Overlapping paths suit ranged defense units while single paths suit ground troops

overlapping paths go with arbs straight path layout go with paladin one froster on each wave I would increase your morale points b4 using monsters the only monsters I use from dungeon is the gargoyles n orcs because orcs are good tank unit when level up n gargoyles to surprise the enemy but if I have to pick one unit I use the most in defense is arbs because of my overlapping paths n boast arbs are the best healing n freezing prop slow down down the enemy or kill the king in some cases hope this helps you and just remember you must be doing something right to stop them at 30-40% ?

Hehe, Swinger, If your attackers can only get 30-40% of your base, you don’t need any advise… :slight_smile:

Actually putting monks + frenzy frost blasters+ monsters + 1 froster each wave as always, work pretty well, u should try guys

If you have that in your defense lol your defense then must be so weak. With a Swordrain level 11+ one shot each wave easily. Sometime I face player with that kind of combo make them so weak. For me its without a doubt Storm Canon + Power Archer + Stunning Ogre + a lot of gaygoyle + Pyromancer When I face that kind of base I fail all the time because of their high range if well placed in a choke point can be a nightmare. If you boost Power archer at +12 with maybe 10% more range and Pyromancer with +10% more range,etc…Combine that with Ranged Bomb Tower + Gaygoyle Next + Max Skull Tower + Doom Gate,etc… that I call a hard base you really need huge fire power to defeat someone like this