Best troops to defend snake towers?

Please tell me what troop Best defends snake towers?

I must know because all of my towers are snake.

Piromancers (?)


if your base has only snake towers (

11 snake 3 firebolt 2 barricades 9 spikes

What would you attack with my main defense is morter

For the range of low-mid players snake towers is considered a attacking tower, then for high gameplay it becomes a support tower since it’s attack power isn’t no more so consistent as before when you were a low-mid king.

If you consider that someone will try to defeat your snake towers with range troops, so you the same weapon range troops like Arblasters as defenders for example, just a bunch of them + 1 froster per wave to deal consistent damage to the enemies. And especially if you have a path with many chokepoints or L base or N base works even more.