Best way to earn medals for a tournament?

What’s the best way for a lower level player to earn medals quick in a tournament? I’m only getting 25 per battle so it’s a very tiring process. I’m only at 800 currently in my tournament and the top guys are already at 5k…how are they getting them so quick. I really have no chance.

You must attack top players and destroy their gates.

Which I assume is pretty much impossible for lower lv players :(. I’ve tried a few and get demolished right at the start

  • You can use bread gears to do fights with less bread.
  • You can fight weak opponents, like 500 trophies guys. You launch the fight, you cast some units, and they win the fight for you. During this time, you can watch tv or do smth else…
  • You can gather 2 gears with perk medal, and use pro-gear and pro-pal (bonus pro gives you more medals)
  • You can use a medal token

No other ways, I think. You won’t win diamond league before you can fight against 4500 trophies at least.

Gear, tokens, your raid’s place on the leaderboards, and time. The higher ones you’ll struggle with till you can get at least a few hundred a raid before any boosting. You won’t be a low level player when you can beat gold, platinum, or diamond reliably. Doubling your previous score is a good guideline when working up, but amounts can go much, much higher.