Best way to forge Sonic Blast?

What is the best way to forge Sonic Blast?


Obviously, range first, to kill LT and FT behind barricade.

Than, some more range to kill Trap Skull Tower?

Than, I have no idea?


Damage or cooldown?


Both seem to be maybe equal. For example, 10% cooldown means one extra shot during raid, 11 instead of 10.

But damage 10% also means that same amount of damage can be had with less shots.

I can see 2 advantages to damage:

  • can oneshot max+forged FT

  • if the raid is shorter than 140 sec, you don’t get the extra shot, so extra damage seems more valuable


One advantage of cooldown:

  • better strategy, can shoot quicker

I’d say you can even do alternate forge for a balanced spell.

I did forge demage a bit, though even max SB with slighlty forged demage couldn’t kill in one shot FBs in ninja event (tier 5k), in fact even with 1 sb item it couldnt kill a FB, so to me forging demaging is pointless, better  to find one, two, three items with sb perk ( in fact it applies to all spells, better to find items with perk rather than forge demage ).

I’m not a fan of forging cd on any spell but if you have pearls and want to do it then go ahead.

Depend of each player, for me i prefer forge the damage if you able to forge it at +30 you can add like 3K of damage plus if you have 2 or 3 items who have Sonic Blast damage can give you like 4,500 more damage. Sonic Blast max plus +30 damage + items perk = something like 14K of damage if you look one of the video of Flothaboss its possible to make the Sonic Blast at 17K or more if you have like 9 items perks

For me I think its the same, you reduce the cooldown but you have lower damage or you have no cooldown but a very high damage I think its the same

I think cooldown can be useless if you have 30% speed boost or 60% speed boost or like Flothaboss 100% speed boost

Maybe Range can be more useful than cooldown

Yeah, i as thinking to go ahead with more range, so I can kill units in adjacent lane. Cannons and frosters for example at the first bend. it would theoretically allow me to go ahead more quickly with bigger army.


I don’0t have any special income of pearls, and I am a free windows player, so i gotta think this through very carefully :slight_smile:

Range 10x - Damage 10x - CD 15x

I have solutions 

best way is perk 25 time each of 3 perks

no nned mercy me)