i suggest this for decreasing the weight on @CaptainMorgan  's shoulders:


Make an announcement : For… weeks, we will make quick testings for wars… Any team wants to volunteer pm me… We will make frequent, quick war sessions. To see and fix all bugs etc…

At the end no rewards etc… 


I guess many teams volunteered including my team for him/his effords… 


(also i may join any alliance for testing purpose. we can create test alliances… :v:


So i hope: no stress/frustration for him and for us… 




Hi guys,

just to let you know that we are looking for beta testing solutions to ensure a balanced gameplay for the new version.

Whether or not this will be before the new update, is unknown atm. But we are working on it. It may need some time.

I just wanted to keep you in the loop about it!

Have a good day,



When is the new update scheduled?


I don’t have information for this yet.


Don’t rush to release it if you are not 100% sure. IMHO Fix the current issues then release new contents.


To that I concur. Also, maybe just maybe it is wise to have some right and proper betaing where it is not in-house or the testers are not given any info other than what we, regular plebs, do? This seemed to be issue before - the devs testing stuff generally resulted in some flaws that then had to be speed-fixed.


I hope the new version finally incorporates the new Sisyphus hero.



@Madlen You can get your beta testing player from here .

Also I want to volunteer for it too.


Hi, I will merge this topic with the beta-testing topic. So we can keep track of possible beta testing volunteers, in case we need them in the future :slight_smile:


Cool! ? Can you please be more specific?

Is it really beta testing or more gamma/delta testing (release candidate)?



I’d be happy to help test if I can. I’ll bring folks as well. 


@Madlen please let us know in which way we can help.


I’ll say here what I said on another thread, if high lvl players (specifically players that haven’t lvl’d up since the last forge update) are involved in beta testing with their own gear etc, the results will be extremely hard defences for everyone except the players who have better forged items.  This is a problem of your own creation due to not resolving the forging and capping items stats for certain lvls.  Consider this or we’ll have yet more help to the protection of the old elite trophies!




I will, once all is settled.


Guild phalanx would like to join beta testing


Some how I missed this topic.

Beta testing can be on a virtual server, copy game, not the on going. This will help immensely the game. Fiascoes of the new war system last year would have been avoided, also new things introduced that often are buggy, can be first really tested by experienced players or even devs. With the right guidance.

This is a must guys… I had plead with the devs in the past to do this via other communication channels, but this is much easier. No rewards, no benefits, plain giving back. The community giving back to the game, making it better and promoting it at the same time.


So we’re about two months away from version 5.0. Any beta testing in the horizon, involving us, players?



Unfortunately the beta testing idea, though still something we really want to do, has been put on hold for logistical reasons. Hopefully we can resurrect it in the future.