A lot of people complain that there’s not enough reward for Alliance Wars. However, you don’t want to give out any additional gems because you like the amount of gems you’re giving out currently.

So here’s the idea. As better rewards for winning, and to keep the free gem amount the same, you should allow us to place bets on individual Wars. If the other alliance agrees, then the winner takes it all. If the other alliance disagrees, then the gems just go back to whichever member forked them over.

Why would this be fair? This would be fair because alliances would obviously not raise a bet while they’re losing. Ergo, bets would be more successful when made at the beginning at the war, rather than at the end. This is why having no penalty for not meeting a bet, is so important.


I bet nobody would bet a single gem 

is this Blackjack ? LOL

I would never bet a single gem, the only way would be for me to be completely sure that we’ll win like having many more members than the other alliances, but we don’t want uneven wars, so I don’t feel like that’s going to happen…